Food and Drink Trends Tuesdays

Limited Edition Dairy Queen Blizzards This Holiday Season

Img from Dairy Queen Philippines I just discovered these new flavors at Dairy Queen! It is actually a limited edition perfect for the holidays and it’s no other than flavors with a twist of Hershey’s Kisses with Almonds Blizzard! If I have to bet on the bang for the buck ice cream, I would definitely […]

Health Mental Health Motivation Mondays

What Sets a Successful Person Apart From A Person Who is Still Getting There?

Do you want success? Do you desire to be a front runner of your chosen path, your chosen niche? Truthfully, we all aim to have that bright star called SUCCESS shining brightly on our own terms.  Well, I am a firm believer that everyone… each of us has the capacity to be successful.   YES! We […]


The 10 Best Christmas Gifts to Buy for Medical Students

Christmas is fast approaching! Haven’t decided yet on what to give your med student friends this Christmas? One thing that your friends in medicine or in the medical profession would highly appreciate would be the functionality of a gift — something that they can use for the rest of their semester. It may be their […]

Food and Drink Trends Tuesdays

ChaTime Marble Collection: Brown Sugar Craze

Image from Chatime Philippines FB Page Chatime has just introduced their new milktea series called Marble Collection. It’s highlight would be their incorporation of brown sugar-based pearls added with creamy milk in ever sip of ChaTime’s milk tea! Knowing my great penchant for milk teas, my sister sent me a direct message letting me know […]

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