The Kenkou Project

I had set this goal of getting slim or somewhat toned up by the time I hit my 20's. I'm currently 19 years old and unfortunately, I have yet failed to make progress with that "goal". I don't want to blame my family for this because they were being generous with my baby food back then (My parents said I DEMANDED for 3-4 bottles of Gerber a day!! ...I think if there was a GERBER BABY AWARD, I'D WIN IT!! LOL) nor do I want to believe that I was being neglectful of my health status for the last couple of years because of my "mentality" that I see Academics as a higher priority1 than my eating habits and all the related shiz~~ But yes, now I see that THAT "mentality" is JUST SO WRONG. I'm not getting any younger, and I should consider investing more on taking care of my health and overall appearance! So to start anew and make things ruler straight, I decided to officially make my own version of BIGGEST LOSER -- entitled The Kenkou2 Project! *Play Pa-cool music here* LOL. K.

DAY 1 : I had squidsilog for breakfast (made it up! = squidfingers + egg +rice)... mamon for class break/lunch...

California Berry Yogurt before going home. All I can say about the weather. ANG INIT LVL99+!!

...and Tuna Salad for dinner composed of Romanian lettuce, cucumber, apple cuts, almonds, tuna and with my fave dressing Thousand Island3. ♥

THAT IS A RARE MENU OF THE DAY FOR ME!! ^-^ I hope I can keep this up 'til the last day of this Kenkou Project (no final date yet!) I hope you support me in this endeavor, blogloves!

Question: What do you do to keep yourself healthy?

1I see life now in a different perspective :) -- I want to enjoy life, embrace it and live it as planned by our Lord God. I still am goal-oriented, but all my efforts as a human being, as a soul wandering in this world... they are all for the glory of God. Now this is my top priority. Amen to GOD!
2 "Kenkou" means "Healthy/Health" in Japanese.
3 I'm still looking for a salad dressing alternative -- one that is low-fat yet delicious! Any suggestions?

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