A New Leaf

Few may have known about the hurdle I had with my host one week ago wherein I could not reach them in any way. Thus, I decided to leave their services. That situation made me think of what I  thought of last year -- that is, to reduce my blogging expenses (e.g. webhosting + domain payments) in 2012.

Before my previous hosting expired, I was actually confused already whether I should continue exposing my name via blogging or not. I guess God really has His own ways of making me decide "easily". So by the time my hosting expired, I tried to contact my host but UNFORTUNATELY, they were out of reach! That really made me disappointed... So during the holy week.. aside from reflecting and giving myself time to pray solemnly, I also contemplated and FINALLY decided to drop the name and just stay low profile. ;)

Why stay "low profile"? Well, I do have reasons for that.  I kinda shared 'em on another tumblr blog I own. You can read it if you want ~ here.

Less name exposure + Pay for Domain + Free hosting? Now that is Awesome! That is Rad! ;) 

So what have I been up to?

Yes, I waited for this magical moment! LOL The past semester was effing stressful that this 2-month vacation, without a doubt, is the best rest yet that has happened to my college life. How grateful I am to the Lord!

On another note...

I recently went to my nephew's daycare center and this was the site I adored during my stay; I thought I needed to take a picture of it! ^-^ I can't help but like how the sun peeks through the stems as  if it wanted to set itself free from a place of concealment. That moment on, I realized something. I realized how the definition I just made for that picture totally reflects what I am feeling right now.

I get to be grumpy for no reason, irritated for no reason, unreasonable for no reason! Then I suddenly thought, is this the person I want to become? In the first place, I knew I wasn't that kind of a person... but I guess the rush and the toxicity of life just got into my nerves, into my limits that I started acting differently -- not too optimistic, not too jolly, just enough... acting happy enough.

Now I want to change. I want to become the person I used to be before starting the crap of college. I want to become a better person or well get the good stuff/traits I had before and carry them as I journey this life.. and then become a better person! ;)

I hope I can, though. :)


  1. Enjoy your summer vacation! That's what I miss the most, I think the longest vacation that I can ever take nowadays is a maximum of 2 weeks off from work. Loving the domain name, btw! ;)

  2. Hi sis! :)

    IMY! Haha! Ay nako... hassle talaga ang mga ganyan eh. Paying for webhosting doesn't secure you din - not at all times. My CB site and my new website right now.. is hosted free by a very good SEO friend of mine :) So I never really had problems with it since I only pay the domain name. :)

    Anyway, this is much better na. :) Ang bilis mo mag fix ng website, haha! Ako kasi... it takes me so long talaga mag ayos haha.. naloloka ako mag code and such eh hehe.. oh and the domain name is so cool. I wish I could have thought of something better too, haha! Oh well.. hopefully mag tuloy tuloy lahat. I can't wait for more of your new entries since I'm really trying to be active and all that, too.

    PS. I didn't know you have lookbook. I fanned yoU! :)

  3. awwww..cute new domain name sis! I love it! <3 will link you today! <3

    gusto ko na ring mag blogger kaso hirap nang lumipat.. di ko kabisado yung theme coding :(

    anyway, goodluck with this blog sis! mwua! <3

  4. a new home for you.. and a new start :D i'll edit you link on my site sis next time. and btw i love the photo that you took! the red flowers on the tree and the light of the sun! perfect :D add the swing..

  5. Yan din isa sa reasons ko kung bakit ako umalis sa Wordpress. Naalala ko nung may contest ako sa blog then it was down for 1 week. Kaya naglipat pa ako, just to run the contest. Nagbayad pa ko ng hosting. Then hindi ko na kayang suportahan kasi wala na akong task na natatanggap lol.
    Then nagdown blog ko for 4 months. Hanggang sa tumaas na naman ang alexa ng website kong yon. Then I decided to buy new domain di rin ako nakatiis bumalik rin ako ng Wordpress, then my host is free from my friend hehe..

    Enjoy your vacation sis. :)

  6. I envy you for having your own domain. Unlike me. -.-
    Well. anyway, you better enjoy your summer vacation first, you gonna miss it when you got a job. Really. But not that much haha! Life of an unemployed is not that cool. ;))

  7. congrats to the new domain sis!! i'll change the link as soon as i'm free with college stuff hay nakoo.. I feel you talaga sis, buti na rin may vacation. Make the most of it talaga! <3

  8. Enjoy your summer vacay! You deserve it! Although it might be a bummer sometimes to be bored, I hope you'll still find the beauty of being idle most of the time. Hihi. :3

  9. Cute domain name :)sorry about the hosting situation!

    I love that photo... it's like a little place of perfection where you can run away too... if only life were that simple? I can relate to you... lately I've been getting annoyed and snappy towards people and in general for no reason... I realized I don't want to be like that.

    Enjoy your vacation :D

  10. Hello Sandra!! Welcome back. So this is your new blogspot. It must have been a very hard decision to make but I'm glad you finally made up your mind. :)

    Love the layout by the way and the vainroxy buttons/banner at the left sidebar <3

    Since you are starting on a change, then this blog must have been your first move! :) Don't you think so?

  11. Yeah, college changed me a lot as well. It's good that you get to enjoy your summer vacation, I'm not as lucky. Summer Classes. :| Hahaha.