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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two good friends and I had a talk a couple of days ago about my hobby for blogging. Apparently Friend 1 while browsing my phone, saw the draft for my October 4 (Title: Where is my path?) post. I was astounded when he started reading the first word aloud but I  immediately let him read the rest silently. After all, I had published it online before he got to read it... why bother to hide the draft? So after that, I believe he was able to see right through me and my inner thoughts... he suddenly commented that he got affected and felt the same sentiment as I had in my draft.

Friend 2 heard us talking then asked me "Sentiments? All I read about in your blog are trivial things... what sentiments do you mean?"

That made me think.

Compared to my style in 2004, my posts have become quite superficial these days -- emotions & deep thoughts aside. One way or another I kinda miss how I used to blog.

Moreover, I miss how people would read a blog because it's about your life. I miss how everyone reached out for one another, not bounded by website gimmicks aka giveaways or whatnot, not inclined to unique hits, page ranks, nor web popularity.

I must admit that when I went back to blog again in 2008, I had a difficult time adjusting. I know it shouldn't be that way right? I mean, I don't need to adjust if I wanted a real personal blog which would basically be all about me. Nothing to be pressured about if I wanted to stay real! But there are just times that what surrounds you become so overwhelming that you can't help but try to compensate and be with the rest. Plus almost every blogger I knew of became inactive, making me a part of a cluster of new-generation bloggers.

No, I have nothing against the new blog-o-sphere. In fact, I eventually learned to adapt to the new drill -- on how  make-up and outfits go hand in hand in every entry, how food reviews can attract eyes and gut, and how sponsors can help every blogger out there.. I even got myself a lookbook account for Pete's sake! I actually like that kind of blogging, and I believe I will continue that still. However, it's never satisfactory for my taste. It's not enough 'coz, indeed, I'm more of the personal blogger -- a blogger who would share more of her thoughts & emotions, of her realizations & aspirations. Basically, a blogger who would share her story.

What I just want to point out is, I miss sharing how I think, how I see things, and how I struggle and find ways to go on with life. It's the personal connection that I miss. Maybe now and again, nevertheless, I'd share a few words about who I really am and what I really think and contact my "inner self". A blog, for me, is still an online diary after all; hence, I will continue it until God knows when.

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  1. Una kong napansin yung header. Ang taray lang. Hahaha.

    Ilang beses na napag uusapan yang new blogosphere. Yung bagong mga blogs. Puro pinagkakakitaan na. Di mo na alam kung personal blog ba yun o blog na puro ads lang. Haha. Seryoso, may iba na halos lahat ng posts eh sponsored. Idagdag mo pa yung ads sa header, footer at sidebar. Lahat na. haha.

    Bihira ka na makakita ngayon ng personal blogs talaga. May time na nagpost ako sa fb ata yun kung sino may mga personal blogs. kasi mas gusto ko basahin yung ganun. Kasi diba may matututunan ka din about other's life experiences.

    Regarding naman sa pagpopost, others would really post about their life. Yung open na open talaga. Ako di ko keri yun haha di lahat kaya ko ipost. Kasi mahirap na baka may makakitang kakilala ko. Eh ayoko pa naman ng ganun. hahaha. Buti kayo keri nyo. Yung okay lang may makabasa ng posts nyo. At pinag uusapan nyo pa talaga. Haha.

  2. I have to agree about the way blog world used to be and what we have now. Ha! I just remembered how LONG I used to blog by just talking about my daily things in school, crushes, family... I'm sure there are still other blogs out there that blogs about their life. :) We just gotta look for them. :) hehe

  3. This post screams "this! this! THIS!" to me.. I agree with everything you said from the 4th paragraph. The blogosphere is not what it used to be.. a lot has changed since 2008. I'm not particularly enjoying the fact that a blogger has to have a gimmick now in order to stand out. Shouldn't personality be enough? Perhaps I am so stuck in the "old ways" of blogging or its etiquette. Maybe I'm the only one who's on the opposing side. Idk, it's so.. fake to me. The sponsoring, giveaways, are like suhol to me.

    You rarely see a legit blogger with relevant information to share to their visitors and readers nowadays, too. Most of the time you'll see blogs that are full of reposts because they are requirements for a certain giveaway they joined.

    Basically, you're not a nobody unless you blog like them. Because unless you start blogging like them, you won't have any sponsors therefore you won't have a big network to cater to. That's the harsh truth of it all.

    And yet, we can't help but succumb in and be like them, in a way, too. I must admit that from time to time I join giveaways. Ack, I feel like a teeny bit of a hypocrite after all I said lol.

    Sorry for the super long comment! I randomly dropped by and while I do agree, I can't help but add in my thoughts.. then it just turned to word vomit. :)))

  4. Bongga nga ang header! Gondo! :)
    i also agree what you said, "The blogosphere is not what it used to be.. a lot has changed since 2008." meron nga paid post now and outfit post, product review, etc. but i think, it depends sa blogger if ano gsto nya for her blog :)


  5. nahirapan ako mag keep ng personal blog kasi may mga weird people na nag start mag email sakin and mag stalk and steal pics. i shared too much and suffered the consequences. and yes, kahit gano ka uninteresting you think your life is.. sa ibang tao, interesting ka and pwede ka target. nung una nangyari sakin, mejo flattered pa ako, pero as it progressed, na irita na ako and then natakot din kasi pati social network sites I joined eh nahanap nila and na contact yung family members ko. BWISIT talaga! Kaya ilang years din ako nag lay low and yung mga other sites ko, I try na limited information lang ang nandun. I waited until mawala yung mga peste sa online life ko. I haven't seen a sign of them in months kaya i think na wala na sila that's why I recently started a personal blog =) I really want it to be anonymous (pero obviously old blogger friends like you will know it's me) and I'm still thinking of ways on how to get it done. Siguro if I post pictures, I'll censor the eyes .. CHUVA! hahaha!!

  6. I know what you mean! I miss those days that I just blog because I want to. Those days that other bloggers reads your entry because they are interested with what I posted, not because they expect a comment back. Those time that blog is just an "Online Diary" that is open to everybody.

    Kaya nga kahit 2 years na ako di active with blogging, I keep on renewing my domain cause I know one day mag-rereturn yung blogging spirit ko within me.