Missy BonBon Breadshop

Saturday, October 06, 2012

My brother-in-law recently visited Cagayan de Oro for work and it's a usual drill for anyone, I believe, to give pasalubong for their loved ones whenever they're out of town. :D

Bro-in-law brought with him Missy BonBon pastries!♥

Here's their "pasalubong box". I like the packaging very much. So simple yet really attractive in my eyes!♥ The use of pastel colors really brought the cute vibes in it. It looks clean and purdy at the same time. Perfect for Missy Bonbon image. :)

Their vision is to be a hip, cozy, relaxed, world class artisanal breadshop serving freshly made bread with fusion of local bread products, gourmet comfort food, custom gelato mixes, and a selection of brewed coffees. It seems that they have met their vision perfectly. ;)

Their Bonbon Pastel is a must-try. It has a soft bun with filling that is not too sweet unlike other pastels I've tried. :) Bro-in-law also bought ube, cheese, and mocha sponges. I ate some pastel and cheese sponge and I loved them. They have good dough constistency and the bread quality is really good. Truly, world class.

Missy BonBon Breadshop is in Cagayan de Oro. For more information, do check their website: MissyBonBon.Com

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  1. yes missy bonbon is a really cool pastry shop!! You will also love their store! pretty pretty dainty babe!

  2. ang ganda ng packaging sis. tska un design. mukhang masarap pa un bread :)

    New post @ http://lhyziebongon.com/taken-2-movie-screening-by-nuffnang-and-kojie-san/ or http://www.midnightstars.org/2012/10/taken-2.html

  3. Looks lyk a donut. Got a filling in it?

  4. The packaging somehow reminds me of Sophie's Mom :) They're into pastels too :)

    Looks yummy! :>

  5. I like their boxes! Parang natry ko na to pero sa breadtalk. :D Heee I miss your blog! :)