Extremely Unpleasant

Saturday, December 01, 2012

To compare oneself to others and see what you can do to make your standards better can be good at times. But too much is too much. Right now being compared to others is the most hideous thing I can ever encounter. It makes me vulnerable. It makes me pity myself. It makes my self-esteem go down the drain. I hate it right now. I don't even want to hear a single statement of me being compared to his or her grades, nor his or her capacities, nor his or her accomplishments. I've been doing my very best, but it's never good enough. Or maybe I'm just pressuring myself. Maybe I'm over-reacting. But I'm hurt. I'm hurt in many ways... and right now, I can't stand it. I don't even have the ability to stand up for myself at this very moment. Even for a bit.

I need a breather. I need a break. I need space. Anything synonymous to that!

What a great way to start my month of December.

So help me God.

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  1. Actually i've been into this situation. At mas malala pa, sarili kong tatay yung nagcocompare sakin sa iba. Alam mo yung mas pinagmamalaki nya yung ibang tao kesa sakin. Yung tipon "Tingnan mo si ganito, ang laki na ng sahod." Yung imbes na imotivate ka, dinidiscourage ka pa.

    But I don't take them as discouragements. i take them as a challenge. Challenge in a way na, sinasabi ko sa sarili ko, balang araw Pa, ipagmamalaki mo din ako. Balang araw, ako na yung positive pag kinukumpara moko sa ibang tao.

    i hope you could do that din sis. Gora lang. :) Look at the brighter side ;))

  2. Try not to let it affect you. I totally understand where you are coming from. My mom did this to me a few times and it let to a huge argument and she took me home! I found an old friend on FB who used to be really overweight, well when I saw her I was very shocked because she had lost like 200lbs. She looked wonderful! At the time I was overweight, and I still am now. But my mom came up to see her on the computer and she was expressing how beautiful she was and how she wish I had someone to support me and make me lose weight like she did. That set me on fire! My mom knows that I struggle with my weight, and most importantly she knows that I'm in a same sex relationship which she hates. So the statement was really directed towards me and my lover. Ugh!

  3. My mom always comparing me with my cousins esp. on education. Hate it reli2 so much