Day 4/365: Chocolatier Goodness

Received a little something from a friend who I believe felt I was getting exhausted a while ago.
This made me smile; even made my taste buds happy!
Yummy chocolate it is. Gulliver Chocolatier.♥

PS. I stayed at school for the whole day even if I only had a 7AM-8:30AM class. I worked on my thesis, and also took care of some things for medicine application....

To Ma'am De Vera, Kuya Edgar, Ate Tess, Miguel, NiƱo, MA, MJ, JoyDV, William, Caila, Rachel (Biochem), Maynard (Biochem), Ate Malou (DB), Ate Jo (DB), Ate Jo (Coll.Sec. Room) , and the Student Assistant (guy) during that time when I was looking for Ma'am DLR the whole afternoon, thank you for making me smile/laugh/feel just right. ♥

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  1. That Gulliver's choc looks yummy. Is that a product from Philippines?