On June 11 of 2015

Awake at 5:15 in the morning, uneasy for no reason. 
Is it because of my caffeine overdose the other night?
Or, really... does this happen post-movie watching of Insidious: Chapter 3???
This is an insane feeling! I hope, this leaves my system STAT.

Apparently, I'm down to a few more days 'til the start of my class as a 3rd year medical student. I promised myself to read in advance... promised.

So, I got my new schedule for my first semester! 35 units of knowledge with regard to Internal Med, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Family Medicine, Neurology, Psychology, Clinical Therapetuics, and Juris Med. All of which sounds so new, so huge, so much of a responsibility! But all at the same time, I feel energized and excited to face such an action-packed life ahead of me.

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