One Long Break!

One Long Break!

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These past weeks turned out to be a really long study break for me made possible by the annual celebration of our department, Department of Biology, as well as the little gathering I’ve had with my long time friends and detox party with my schoolmates.

As you may see, I was very much out of sync with the blogopshere. Practice hours for Biogyugan (a competition among Biology students) and Biorhythm (Department Choir / My Org) were demanding! The theme for BIOgyugan 2011 was “The Forest: Our Last Stand Against Climate Change”.

We won 1st runner-up! All thanks to Him! 😀 It was definitely a big deal for us batch because the past 2 years of our Biogyugan experience were better off forgotten. This year’s performance was exceptional. It was a well-planned production by us, Juniors in my opinion. I played the role of an evil Jane (That girl in yellow top and violet skirt amidst the deers of Pocahontas, dwarves of Snow White, Lady Gaga and Ariel in labgown for the moment! 😀 ) who would eventually ruin the forest.  We even had Dora, Boots, Doraemon, PPG, etc. in our show. Oh just remembering that day makes me laugh! One memorable Biogyugan performance it is! ^^~

On another note, we had dinner at Karen’s place before her departure off to Seoul a couple of days ago. I’ve been friends with these three since birth. Yep, 19 years and counting of friendship! Whenever I look at our pictures and how well we’ve grown since our meeting… it just makes me high in spirit! Awesome friends!  XD We’re now in college but whenever we get-together, it just feels like going back to our childish self. 😀

Lastly, detox party with the gang aka Monique’s debut! I was out searching for night make-ups then stumbled upon a couple of videblogs made by a friend and co-blogger, Rhea. I tried one of her looks in Youtube, and I liked the result!

Outfit is from Forever 21. Heels from Gibi. I was part of the 18 songs, so I sang Count on Me by Whitney Houston.  😀

Last pic for my update today! I was with a bunch of Sophomores during that night with Miguel (Junior) and Vap (Senior too. To sum it all up, I felt detoxed after! Nothing beats partying with stressed students like us, as they say! 😀 LOL!

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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