The Crossing…Train Rides

The Crossing…Train Rides

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Odd as it seems, I find train rides relaxing. One would engage himself in a very tough battle going inside it at first, especially when it’s crowded with people; nevertheless, when almost everyone would have gotten off,  I find the impression of trains mild and serene as if it’s giving me space — that “space” I need to breathe in, breathe out… stay calm and sane…away from the unsettled pace of the people that have bounded me initially. Kudos to Monumento Station for being the main get-off of the masses BTW! 😀

Within that intimate, personal space I get from the almost vacant train, I find a moment of stillness. I rarely get calm these days, you see. Reality/Life nowadays is giving me a hard time, but I’m trying… not to feel down nor frustrated. I know I’ve been always a happy bee! An optimist! But there will always be a limit to everything, so I’m encouraging myself to drive the happy hormones out and just be.. well, happy!  :p

I will never blame academics for this though, coz maybe it’s just really part of the routine of being a typical college student — we need to get stressed so we won’t be at ease all the time. After all, the Actual Life (away from the books, more on reality bites) has more to offer than the amount of stress we get from cramming the readings, almost not hitting the sack every night, and getting the pens and brains ready to battle out the revolting examinations! 😉

The usual Berso Sa Metro quotes situated at the top sides of the train are one of the unique things I get from riding the train. They make me reflect the moment I read them, and they are really effective especially when I’m in the middle of anxiety. God knows when I need some words of motivation, words from The Almighty!  :]

On another note,  life , as they say, can be compared to train rides. There are a couple of stations where you can get on and off, go for shorter or longer paths depending on your choice and then decide when to stop and get off the train. You can even decide if you want to go back, or just move on and go to the next station. We, likewise, get to be on different stages in our lives wherein each stage serves a mixed platter of blessings and difficulties. It’s up to us now on how we’d take the platter! 😉

Questions: How do you get over life difficulties? Are you happy and contented with the way you are living now? || Do you ride trains? Do you feel the same when you get on a train (that feeling of calmness when it’s almost unoccupied by people)?

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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