Say WA!

Say WA!

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Not really a pro ecologist yet, but hey, I’m grateful that I passed our Ecology subject. Just this afternoon, my professors in Ecology already sent our grades, and fortunately, I got exempted! I totally needed a treat so wallah!

Cake from Breadtalk and Milk tea from BubbleTea

I had some milk tea and sweets to celebrate. Junior first semester sure is one hell of a sem! I know that somehow grades will be a little down compared to my previous performance as a sophomore but nothing is more important than passing all my subjects now and stay regular. Hopefully, I get to be exempted for the rest of my subjects so that I won’t take any finals. I want to have some rest already! I had more than enough sleep deprivation. XD  I can say that sembreak starts now though. 😀

So what did Ecology contribute to me as a biologist? Well, I can say it taught me a lot regarding the interplay of various factors in nature — both biotic and abiotic factors. I never knew ecology could be so interesting. I mean, knowing the interactions among the organisms and why they behave that way… and how abiotic factors could affect the rest of the ecology and all that! The scope is really broad, but it’s just amazing how everything is connected! 😀

In love with the Mangroves

The best part of Ecology, IMO,  is our fieldwork in San Juan, Batangas. We got the opportunity to explore the association of mangroves and learn more about them – the competition among different species and within similar ones. The whole experience of getting grubby and sweaty was the best part for me! I’m not really sure why I liked that exhausting part but, it  was the reason why I enjoyed the Mangrove Adventure! Learning while getting dirty ang drama! 😀

Say WA!

Here was our class picture after the fieldwork! Can you spot our professors? HAHA, I bet you can’t but they’re the ones sitting at the right-most side in white shirt and with shades (Sir Sed) and left-most side standing and carrying a black bag while holding a hat (Ma’am Lacdan).  The view is really relaxing too! Just a perfect spot to unwind and stay away from the troublesome acads for the moment. 😀 Most of us were doing the WA pose (our mouths wide open as if saying the word WA). XD It was popularized by our Ecology lecture prof (Sir Arnold)  [not in the picture]. He said whenever a predator captures a prey, it would say WA then eat the prey! 😀

Such a wonderful experience, indeed. 🙂 Thank you Ecology professors for sharing with us your knowledge! Till we meet again, ecology. 🙂

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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