2nd Sem Sched

2nd Sem Sched

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WARNING: Crazy stuff ahead

Here’s my schedule next semester! 🙂 All subjects except for one,which is NatSci4, are major subjects. I am really hoping that I get to be more serious with my studies this time. I often think of the future and all the responsibilities which lie ahead of me. I always say to myself that I’ll do better next time, but there are really those times that I just want to “rebel” out of stress and not study for one day and do all things to relax my mind and body, thereby, making me quite easy-go-lucky for the rest of the sem.

I hope and pray to learn how to manage my time wisely this time. I know that the road I am taking, like everybody else, is difficult to surpass. There a lots of challenges, yet I have to be optimistic, stay strong, believe in my capabilities and keep my faith to God. I want to become a doctor. I must have the drive to achieve this. So help me God.  :]

Pardon me for the silly design of my schedule! XD The one on the right is Tegoshi Yuya, and I’m on the left side. LOLS! Fine fine, You can say I’m addicted or obsessed or whatever, HAHA, but I really admire this guy coz of his talents. He can be more beautiful than me if he were a girl, damn! :)) Plus, can you believe that I had this really crazy moment wherein I actually cried while watching the music video of NEWS entitled “Aki no Sora”? Yes, my dear readers, it was weird for the fact that while crying I actually had a burst of emotions as if I missed him and all. Being a pastlife believer, I suddenly thought that MAYBE we knew each other during one of my past lives. HAHA OKAY, I don’t want to let you read more of my craziness. :)) So yea, I don’t know, maybe stress has brought me up to this point! LMAO. XD

PS: I’ll be seeing my highschool friends later! 😀 *next entry, that is!*

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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