It doesn’t fade away

It doesn’t fade away

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It’s always great to hang out with long time friends once in a while. I get to be really busy when school starts to roll! You see, most of them study at the same university, so they get to hang out or eat lunch together. But in my case, I only get to be connected with them, well most of the time, through facebook or twitter and be more connected to my college circle during school months.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t have any grudges on any of my friends now in college! 😀  I just tend to miss the old times. FYI, most of my high school friends were also my kinder-to-gradeschool classmates, so I have lived my childhood and adolescent years with them. It was pretty hard to be away from them after high school, but then again life must go on! So, I had no choice but to adjust. :]

The girls of the gang!

Gladly, some of my high school friends and I were able to enjoy a day full of laughter and craziness in TriNoma-MoA-SM North Edsa. Yes, that was one loaded day! 😀 The girls and I ate lunch at TriNoma and waited for the four men (who had their basketball practice somewhere) to arrive. It was great catching up with them! The moment we talked, it was full blast! :)) I can’t really narrate everything in here, but summing it all up, it was one heck of a conversation — no dead air! Everything’s just in-sync with one another; Just like the old times.

We watched Paranormal Activity 3 at 4:15PM. The whole movie was effin’ crazy! We almost died in our seats LOL. Afterwhich, we strolled around the mall and went near Manila Bay, took pictures and had more stuff to talk about! Who can forget to take ‘pictorials’! :)) Here are a couple of pictures. From L-R: Andrea, Tin, Me, Joan, Fae

We were lucky enough to see some fireworks too!

All 11 of us (some are not in the pictures) had an FX ride back home and had dinner at Tokyo Tokyo, SM Annex.

…and so I say, cherish those who are dear to you with all your heart

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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