Leopard Christmas of a Biologist

Leopard Christmas of a Biologist

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Here I share to you my Christmas outfit for 2011! 😀 It has been a tradition to myself to choose a one-of-a-kind outfit every time we celebrate Christmas. Well, that “tradition” actually started only a few years ago after realizing that somehow the clothes we wear tell something about who we are. 😀 So for this year, I chose to “express” my Biologist vibes! 😀

I opted for a dress with a leopard print! What made me choose this is the blue-to-green base color of it. It is unusual to get a leopard dress that has this color ‘coz most of the time we only see the brown kind or the white one with blue leopard print. 😀 I definitely LOVED this outfit because it has green tones, and more often than not, I associate green color for Biology, particularly Botany, due to it being the study of plants. 😀

For my make-up, I’d like to emphasize on the eyeliner and lip color! I totally like the cat’s eye effect LOL, so yea.. I used Nature Republic Simple Gel Eyeliner in Dark Brown. It’s actually my first ever gel eyeliner so I have good feedback on it! 😀 And then for my lips, it’s Nature Republic’s Petite Cherry Rouge M23 that I blogged about before. 😀

I also wore a Christian Siriano sandals to match the grey tones of the dress. NOW, you may realize the reason as well behind me choosing a turquoise shade of nail polish! ^-^

For my accessories, I had a red bow earrings from Y.R.Y.S. (a gift from my thesis partner, Bea), A Lady Bug (Family Coleoptera) ring from Jellybeans which I bought months ago, and a rhinestone-filled watch from Fossil (a gift from my sister abroad). 😀  I didn’t wear my watch and ring anymore during the Christmas Day itself (hence I don’t have it in the other pictures!^-^) coz we were only at home la~~

I decided to make a LookBook account because I was really influenced by you, dear bloggers! :)) This will be my first entry and “look” and I hope we can support each other through this. LMAO. So yea, HYPE ANYONE? :> ^-^ I love looking at all your style and it made me wanna hype them and fan you all! So there, I decided to make one. lols. 😀

So to end this entry, here are few more pictures! 😀


P.S. I want to thank my cousin Emem for being my photographer! ♥ Lovelove!

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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