Christmas Entries Evolution

By chance, I was able to read the past Christmas entries I've had since 2004 and somehow realized how my way of writing has changed from a really carefree kind to a relatively mature one. Here are some screenshots of my past entries. (Click the pictures to zoom in)

Year 2004
Year 2004.I was 12 years old back then. Reading this made me remember the feeling I had during that time I wrote this blog post. I felt that even if my family members were present, I can't seem to find the true happiness I should've had felt. I guess I was searching for something "deeper" about Christmas. Please don't get me wrong, I didn't mean to be a brat in this entry. ;) Theoretical things are what we learn in school, and I guess I felt uncertain. Nevertheless, I think that my interrogation of what the real spirit of Christmas was made me eagerly search for a deeper meaning. I believe it was THAT MOMENT that initiated everything -- my understanding of myself and my God. :)

Year 2007
Year 2007. This is more of a gratitude entry for my friends both in the online and offline worlds. I received a lot of gifts and I was thankful for them. I believe I became more optimistic during this year. I can still remember that I really felt blessed while writing this post. I'd let my life be open for "everyone" especially after stepping in the blogopshere. Blogging has become part of my daily routine ever since 2004... and knowing wonderful people who changed my perspective in a way made me become a better person. I AM CERTAIN that I've become MORE OPTIMISTIC because of the blogging community I've grown up with. I am really thankful. ^-^ (I'm currently having goosebumps, lah~~) XD

Year 2009
Year 2008. Being able to bring smiles on the faces of the kids of Antipolo was the best thing I've experienced in this year. My Student Council mates and I were blessed to be given a once in a blue moon opportunity to be part of such project and become the student body's representative to share the blessings we receive everyday. This year was also the first time I sang carols together with my high school classmates who are actually my neighbors. :) I miss singing carols with them! Everyone's so busy in college now that we only cope with one another through twitter or facebook. :)

As I think about it, my Christmas 2011 is quite different from the past Christmas celebrations I've had. This year I became more open to prayers. I love the feeling of talking to Him and just sharing my thoughts as if He is really there as a friend. I may not receive a lot of materialistic gifts this year, but what's really important is our reflection as we anticipate the coming of Jesus Christ. :) May we find the real spirit of Christmas despite the unfortunate news we have received recently.

We may falter along the way in this materialistic world, but fear not for Christ shall come and set us free from despair ~SG


  1. The more we get older, the more deeper we see the world. It's nice for you to see those past entries.

  2. Oh that's so sweeeeet! Naiinis ako kasi yung mga blog ko dati no where to be found na. Kung meron man ako makalkal na back up, hindi ko na masydo maintindihan. :(

    I sometimes feel lonely during Christmas.. even though I have a complete family. I feel like I am lacking something. You know what's that? It's contentment and appreciation. We were so used to having our family by our side that there's nothing new to celebrate during Christmas. Luckily, we were able to realize the real essence of Christmas now. <3 Ohhhh charity, that's so cool! I love helping people. God blesss sis!

  3. Grabe, nakakatuwa nga basahin yung mga dating posts. haha. Bumabalik yung feeling sa moment na yun. Sayang wala na yung ibang posts ko.

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