Turquoise Lurve

Just had my mani-pedi last night at Grace Salon and decided to have a glittery turquoise nail color from Opi (Austin-tatious Turquoise) for a change. I was definitely inspired by the color that's why I modified my current theme to match both! LOL! ^-^

Not really endorsing my phone la~ I just needed something to hold so that my nails can be seen better in the cam. Did that make sense? HAHA Whatever. #Weirdlikethat

One more close up! I hope you see the glitters there. ;)

Fast Fact

I like the colors pink, purple, and aqua. ;) But among the three, aqua is the bomb since it makes everything so calm and my eyes get relaxed with such color. I perceive turquoise as a darker shade of aqua so I chose that nail polish color. (sorry if I'm wrong or what. That's just my perception XD )

Two days to go and our Bro Jesus Christ will be born! \:D/ #eggzzited.


  1. I remember back when I was in elementary school, we had a group, which symbolizes us as the colors of pink, blue and purple. I was blue back then. But I don't know why I don't like the color aqua now, haha, it's relaxing yes but maybe I got sick of it since I am the girl with a blue everything back then. Haha!

    Nice polish!! I want to change mine. Haha, I like the glitters! <3

  2. Nice banner you got here. Ang cute ng color ng nails!

  3. I love the banner of your site! :) Though I can't really see the glitters very well, I know that your nails are cute!! :)

  4. Naww. I can't see the glitters >< hihi but it looks good on you :3

  5. Pwede ka na mg endorse ng phone :), like the color, more of a gothic type... emo you?hehe XD

  6. I love your new banner! :)

    Your nails look cutesy... just not a big fan of blue LOL. :P Ganyan din ako minsan masabi lang na me hawak sa picture. :)) Tayo na nagmomodel ng produkto :D

    Yung glitters medyo kita ko. :)

    PS: Merry Xmas! xox

  7. i thought you made a new theme.. haha but i love how it turned out.. i agree the tone is so relaxing :)

  8. lovely nails mare! :D
    I have never tried OPI nail polish pa. I wanna try one soon.. :D
    I like AQUA too..kakaiba kase yung color niya <3

    P.S. I love the header! ganda! <3

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  10. I'm not a fan of blue when it comes to nail polish color but seeing it now, I think i'll give it a shot :)

    Nice header sis... Love it ^ ^

    Merry Christmas

  11. New layout! :-bd Turquoise is the bomb! Haha. Hence, your nails is the bomb! =)) I like purple and pink too! :)

  12. ikaw na ang may magandang nails!!
    at napanganga ako sa header ah! :D love love.

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