Of Glitters and Red Lippies

Of Glitters and Red Lippies

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You know what’s cool? It’s when a person you don’t expect to know anything from you can actually give something you really like. XD I finally got the third gift aka “Something Arousing” (but not sexually LOL!) from my Monito just this morning.

I should’ve had received this last year but I wasn’t able to attend the block’s Christmas party… At first, I thought it was a can of coffee since almost everyone from my block knows that I love drinking coffee~ FYI: I’ve been drinking one since ’97~ YEP, TRUE THAT!

But upon opening the gift…


Red Fruit Jelly Tube RD302 and Nail Polish in BL607

The thought that it was coffee at first already made me happy, yet the fact that it was something Kikay-ish which I can totally use everyday made me happier~ XD

Receiving , a salmon pink rose, multi-colored angel figurine, and additions to my make-up collection… ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU, MY MONITO! 😀

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If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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9 thoughts on “Of Glitters and Red Lippies

  1. Infairness ah tagal mo ng umiinom ng kape. Grabe. Kaya siguro akala mo something related to coffee ang ibibgay sayo hehe. Pero mas appropriate talaga ibigay sayo ang makeup. hehe.
    Ang ganda nung blue angel. Want ko din nyan! XD

  2. wow! sweet gift sis! <3 I miss receiving gifts that are wrapped o.O i guess the last gift that I receive was 2010 ?hahaha! xD anyway sis. matanong ko. anung plugin yung gamit mo to enlarge the pics? been searching for it kaso di ko alam kung anung plugin sya xD

  3. It feels so good when you receive a gift na alam mong pinag-isipan talaga nung nagbigay. Hindi yung mga typical and generic gifts lang. 🙂 And grabe, since '97, you must be over-caffeinated! Haha kidding.

  4. NIce naman red lipstick! Nakaka touch talaga pag me nabigay sa ating gift na magagmit natin and knowing na me idea about us yung nag regalo. Yung iba kasi basta me mabigay lang 😛 The little light that changes colors is so adorable! 🙂

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