Me Time

A week has passed and it’s official — I am on my way to StressLand~ ^^ For the next 3 months, it’s gonna be tough, spontaneous and above all eyebag-inducing! Almost getting my point? Yes peeps, the last 3 months of the second semester will surely eat most of my time, hence the daily or thrice-a-week type of updates won’t be feasible for the moment. I’m actually in the middle of doing the 3rd chapter of my Research Methodology A couple of exams are just around the corner, written reports, oral reports and all the acad shizz are there too! OH WHAT JOY!

Just had a ME Time with a cup of milk and some Belgian chocolates we received from our neighbor. They were delightful, as usual. Sweets can really boost your emotions to another level~ I love how it can make me so hyper and happy. LOL!
Taking a break won’t hurt ne~

How do you take a break and spend your “ME” Time? :)

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