The Wink&Ah Pose

The Wink&Ah Pose

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I’ve recently watched a show in KBS World featuring some of the well-known artists of today. Well, I’ve been hooked with Kdramas & Kpop for quite some time now so watching K-TVshows has become a habit too ~ you know, when I need an extra dose of Korean Wave and just scream silently and do spasms before I sleep! LOL. So yea, while watching, I saw Yoona posing with a look similar to this:

Now that is what I call the “Wink and Say AH” Pose. Apparently, I can’t find Yoona’s version that I saw on TV. So thanks to Nickchun!! Hehe.

It’s a cute pose, in my opinion… It’s just that I don’t think not all people can pull it off (e.g. Me? *rolleyes* XD). Looking kawaii and doing this kawaii pose will surely make that person sugoi kawaii, ne? ^-^ So I asked myself, what’s up with that pose? And then I thought… why not try posing for one? =))

Hmmm, to start all we have to do is…





OKAY #DegradingMyself101

Or maybe it’s better this way…


So I guess my try was “okay”. XD I feel like I had too much stress with my winking eye and my mouth is just not relaxed at all. Any tips? haha

After doing this a couple of times, my eye muscles started to hurt! XD

This pose is no joke, It’s like an eye-muscle-workout! BUT I think I should practice this even more so that I can come up with a better, more relaxed wink&ah picture next time! (or not)

But I have to say, Nickchun is good at this.


If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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