The Wink&Ah Pose

The Wink&Ah Pose

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I’ve recently watched a show in KBS World featuring some of the well-known artists of today. Well, I’ve been hooked with Kdramas & Kpop for quite some time now so watching K-TVshows has become a habit too ~ you know, when I need an extra dose of Korean Wave and just scream silently and do spasms before I sleep! LOL. So yea, while watching, I saw Yoona posing with a look similar to this:

Now that is what I call the “Wink and Say AH” Pose. Apparently, I can’t find Yoona’s version that I saw on TV. So thanks to Nickchun!! Hehe.

It’s a cute pose, in my opinion… It’s just that I don’t think not all people can pull it off (e.g. Me? *rolleyes* XD). Looking kawaii and doing this kawaii pose will surely make that person sugoi kawaii, ne? ^-^ So I asked myself, what’s up with that pose? And then I thought… why not try posing for one? =))

Hmmm, to start all we have to do is…





OKAY #DegradingMyself101

Or maybe it’s better this way…


So I guess my try was “okay”. XD I feel like I had too much stress with my winking eye and my mouth is just not relaxed at all. Any tips? haha

After doing this a couple of times, my eye muscles started to hurt! XD

This pose is no joke, It’s like an eye-muscle-workout! BUT I think I should practice this even more so that I can come up with a better, more relaxed wink&ah picture next time! (or not)

But I have to say, Nickchun is good at this.


If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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15 thoughts on “The Wink&Ah Pose

  1. waaahhh~ nickhun's forte. he is sooo cute! I think you can find Yoona's in some of the CF, and I think Sunny can also pull the wink&ah pose. But, sadly, I cannot do that. kahit mag wink haha. I look fugly!! haha.

    But yours is cute!! and pretty! <3

  2. Here's the technique, dont do an actual wink.. just close your eye as if you're sleeping with one eye open. By doing that, there is no tension in the eye muscles. Haha Just be sure to feel your "aah"-smile to make it spark. lol :)) -soulmate

  3. Well I really love watching Korean shows, ang ganda kasi ng story <3 Hahaha and madalas kong gawin pose ung "nga nga" pero walang wink. Matry nga – cute mo sissss! 😀

  4. Ang kulit ng pose. 😉 It kind of reminds me of the "Candy wink". I'm not sure if it is still the same but way back when I was still in HS and collecting the magazine, they have this page dedicated to the wink. I think even the models they featured would have to have a pose with the wink. 🙂

  5. Talk about winku winku, pls watch Tiffany in Twinkle mv. She winks a lot there~ *glomp*

    Fyi, i cnt do a reli great wink. I look lyk closing my eyes when i wink. Lol! But u look so great when u wink doe-look not stiff but naturally 😉

  6. I think nagawa ko na yang pose na yan, pero hindi ko alam na may tawag pala talaga sa pose na yan hahaha Ipost ko nga sa blog ko yan XD
    anyway, okay naman yung pose mo eh cute nga! haha

  7. Okay I was surprised to see my 2PM oppars here. Hahaha. <3 Khun really is the wink machine and no one will ever get to be on the same level as him because he practices. A lot.

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