Birthday Week

Birthday Week

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I consider this day as the end of my birthday week. Well, it wasn’t a complete “week” with 7 days in it because I started considering my birthday week on May 1st which was on Tuesday after all, but I just want to say it has ended this day. LMAO Just plain random. SO WHAT HAPPENED? Here go the bullets!  

May 1 St.Joseph the Worker Feast & My Unofficial Bday Celebration. Starting the day right by attending the Mass, and gathering my family and relatives at home for lunch! I happened to blog about the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker in my Belief blog and also made a quick entry about my “no make-up” Make-up look for my birthday in my Beauty blog. My mom, in my opinion, is the best cook in town! Delicious food all the time! ♥ Pichie-pichie, mango cake, and palabok were bought from stores tho.

May 2 Awesome guy friends’ Surprise Visit! They just texted me with “Nasa bahay ka, Sandra? and “Labas ka. Emergency. Now na!” So there. I’m introducing some of my high school friends again. Here’s Ken, Jhu, and  James from left to right. They are my classmates ever since Kinder! We all studied in Maria Montessori School– Quezon City and I have lived being with them as batchmates for almost 13+years of my life! YES, Kinder to Highschool! Ang tibay diba? HAHA. So yea, even until now that we’re in college, we never fail to see one another once in a while.

May 3 Official Birthday! ^^ Yakimix all the way! I received a lot of greetings, and even cried on 12:11AM. What the heck was going through my mind? HAHA, I just felt so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people both in the online and offline world. I really appreciated every greeting, may it be from the heart or just so-so. ^-^ My family and I celebrated at Yakimix,Trinoma.

…and their staff greeted me a happy birthday as well lols.

May 4 Lunch with some College blockmates. I initially planned to go there to submit my medical exam results to PGH since it is annually needed in order for me to get enrolled in the University. I had lunch with my blockmates Richard, Caila, Roan, Migi, and Camz, left to right).

Twas fun coping with what they’re doing now! They’re having their summer classes right now, while I enjoy my break since I did not enroll for any advanced classes this summer. I opted to just stick with the original, prescribed schedule and have time to unwind and know more of myself. Meganun HAHA.

May 5 Time with Nuclear Family. Bonded with my sister the whole morning, browsed for clothes in stores, and ate snacks along the way! It was really fun, though my feet hurt afterwards. LMAO. I finally got the chance to taste the Korean Ice cream my blockmates were craving for! Syempre, first time so I really needed to take a picture! Parang magnum lang ang drama, lmao. Of course, I wanted to blog about it. Walang basagan ng trip LOLS.

Dinner at Yellowcab with parents after, and talked to my other sister who is currently abroad via Skype and Viber.

May 6. Then today I was with my parents. We attended Sunday Mass, had lunch at KFC, and shopped for groceries. I slept, went online, and here I am ending this blog entry! XD Ciao!

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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12 thoughts on “Birthday Week

  1. OMGGGG !!!! Your bday week is so fun 🙂

    I love love good foods 🙂 Shrimp, lechon etc yum~ ^ ^

    Happy birthday again and more blessings <3

  2. Belated Happy Birthday.. <3 and OMG seems like your birthday week will help me gain weight.. how can i refuse sucha delicious treat.. But friends makes your bday complete and glad that you had so much fun with them Sandy.. tayo naman next.. I miss that korean icecream too..

  3. Magmimidnight na tapos eto nasilayan ko. Kamusta naman ang paglalaway ko sa mga pagkain na pinost mo. ; ~ ; Anyway, happy birthday ulit! Tadtad ng events yung week mo sis. Sobrang naaliw ako dun sa guy friends mo.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday!! 🙂
    Ang sweet naman nung mga guy friends/high school friends mo! And in fairness, ang tibay nga nga friendship niyo. Hindi ko na alam kung nasaan yung mga friend ko nung Elementary and High School eh. 😛 Sa Facebook nalang kami nag-uusap. 😛

    Actually, naiyak din ako nung 20th birthday ko, kasi na-realize kong hindi na "pangbata" yung age ko (weird, eh?). 😛 But I guess growing up is different than getting old, diba? 😛 Glad you enjoyed your birthday week! 🙂

  5. Belated happy birthday girl! Haha. You actually celebrated your birthday for a week! So lucky to have such good friends and family 🙂

    More birthdays to come!

  6. May celebrant ka din pala! Grabe napakadami pala natin talaga hahaha
    Saya naman ng birthday mo. Ako di nako nag eexpect ng ganyan kasayang birthday kasi wala kaming budget hahaha

    btw nilink ko banner mo 🙂 I hope malink mo din yung akin :))

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