Of Kaya Toast and Kawaii Things

Of Kaya Toast and Kawaii Things

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I went to school to have my Lab Observation. Well, supposedly. However, things didn’t turn out the way we planned them, so… I just left and went malling! Good thing Rob Manila’s just around the corner to lift my spirits.

I had lunch at Toast Box… ordered Kaya Toast. Yes, twas my first time eating there! I heard that their Kaya Toast is really tasty… so I just had to try and prove it myself.

This Kaya Toast set includes the kaya toast, coffee (“kopi” as indicated in their menu), and two soft-boiled eggs. All for Php120.00.

Well, I really don’t understand why they have soft-boiled eggs instead of the hard-boiled or fried ones. That was new to me, actually. I thought it was weird eating it that way. I wonder if it’s palatable for Toastbox lovers out there tho.^-^ Maybe I’m just new to the idea of eating ‘soft-boiled’ eggs. Noob mode too.

I tried putting some egg with the kaya toast and see if it tasted good together, but err… not really in my opinion. So that was it; I decided not to eat the 2nd egg. ^-^~ Hmm, so kaya toast was tasty. Yes. and sweet! I think I’ll buy this again in the future. You know, when I need comfort food. 😉

Strolled around the mall  for an hour and a half and on my way out, I stumbled upon a store with lots of kawaii notebooks and pens! I couldn’t help but buy. In the end, I spent Php 300 for all of these: notebook, stickers, pen, and pen refills.

After buying, I realized I was spending so much for things that are not really that important. I kinda felt sad bout it. I mean, I get to be lax with money and THAT shouldn’t be the way I am. I’m already 20 but my savings are nearing zero. 🙁  Hmm, I tried to change the mood though and not feel sad anymore… *think happy thoughts & “”look at the brighter side” of things* =)) Maybe that notebook can serve as my diary LOL. Really inspired by the Diary of Ha Na in “Love Rain” Kdrama! XD

So, I think I have a new resolution for myself: Not spend too much; Save more (not a little).

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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