Of Kaya Toast and Kawaii Things

Of Kaya Toast and Kawaii Things

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I went to school to have my Lab Observation. Well, supposedly. However, things didn’t turn out the way we planned them, so… I just left and went malling! Good thing Rob Manila’s just around the corner to lift my spirits.

I had lunch at Toast Box… ordered Kaya Toast. Yes, twas my first time eating there! I heard that their Kaya Toast is really tasty… so I just had to try and prove it myself.

This Kaya Toast set includes the kaya toast, coffee (“kopi” as indicated in their menu), and two soft-boiled eggs. All for Php120.00.

Well, I really don’t understand why they have soft-boiled eggs instead of the hard-boiled or fried ones. That was new to me, actually. I thought it was weird eating it that way. I wonder if it’s palatable for Toastbox lovers out there tho.^-^ Maybe I’m just new to the idea of eating ‘soft-boiled’ eggs. Noob mode too.

I tried putting some egg with the kaya toast and see if it tasted good together, but err… not really in my opinion. So that was it; I decided not to eat the 2nd egg. ^-^~ Hmm, so kaya toast was tasty. Yes. and sweet! I think I’ll buy this again in the future. You know, when I need comfort food. πŸ˜‰

Strolled around the mall  for an hour and a half and on my way out, I stumbled upon a store with lots of kawaii notebooks and pens! I couldn’t help but buy. In the end, I spent Php 300 for all of these: notebook, stickers, pen, and pen refills.

After buying, I realized I was spending so much for things that are not really that important. I kinda felt sad bout it. I mean, I get to be lax with money and THAT shouldn’t be the way I am. I’m already 20 but my savings are nearing zero. πŸ™  Hmm, I tried to change the mood though and not feel sad anymore… *think happy thoughts & “”look at the brighter side” of things* =)) Maybe that notebook can serve as my diary LOL. Really inspired by the Diary of Ha Na in “Love Rain” Kdrama! XD

So, I think I have a new resolution for myself: Not spend too much; Save more (not a little).

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!β™₯
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21 thoughts on “Of Kaya Toast and Kawaii Things

  1. Toast Box! I always study there last semester. I really like that Kaya Toast. At first I thought the yellow thing was cheese..but it was butter. :))) Their food is affordable and yummy and I love the atmosphere there but sometimes it's too cold.

  2. Kaya toast and soft boiled eggs..hmm, dt kind of foods only served best at coffee shop like Oldtown White Coffee shop here (origin from Ipoh, Malaysia)and some of Bruneian small restaurant which are mostly chinese coffee shop. I never try eating both in one meal (not mix it). I only eat it one at a time. We called 'kopi' here too. Haha. So i guess the owner maybe a Malaysian. FYI, Malaysia n Bruneian shared same language, Malay.

    Dun be shame dear. I purposely dont ads my birthday. But hey, we shared birthday on d same month! Aint dt cool? Haha. Tq for the wish πŸ™‚

  3. The toast looks good and yummy, yes except the egg :)) It looks weird with the toast. Haha, I smiled a little w/ your reaction after buying the cute items. Sometimes after we buy things we don't need, we end up regretting it but at the same time happy πŸ˜€ Anyway, I linked you sis, hopefully we can exchange links… and oh! banner too πŸ™‚

  4. Hello, there! New and, I believe, first time visitor here! Your site is so pretty, and so are you! I just had to say that. n_n;

    Oh my gosh, that lunch of yours looked so good! And — I just converted the price you paid using XE.com — So cheap, too! A meal like that would cost nearly double here in Canada. Seriously! ><;

    But now I'm getting hungry from reading this … I haven't eaten much today, so this post just may have inspired me to go and make a hardboiled, ((Not soft boiled, too rawish for me, I agree with you there!)) Egg and perhaps some white toast to go with it. *^^*

  5. I am not really fan of breads pero I like the toasted ones lalo na pag madaming margarin at sugar haha home made lang mga natitikman ko, never pako nakatry sa mga stores hehe
    ang cute ng mga stuff na nabili mo. san mo nabili yan?

  6. That looks really delish, and it's really cheap too! Can't believe it. I haven't been to Rob Manila in a while, but when I do get the chance to go back I'll definitely try that. πŸ˜€

    Cool things! Reminds of myself and my sick obsession for anything cute. Just like you, I spend a lot of money on cute stuff that I will never find of good use at all. Sometimes, it's just therapeutic though–well, at least for me. πŸ™‚

  7. Toast Box? I haven't heard of that. Is it a Korean or Japanese coffee shop? I figured since they pronounce coffee as 'kopi'. =P Anywho, I might try it there when I drop by the area.

    Lovely notebook. Vintage.

  8. super pareho tyo when it comes to kawaii stuff, more than 1k pa nga nagagastos ko e. Di ko naman dn nagagamit, nkkapanghinayang kasi gamitin e. aha Try to control sis, yang ang $$$ πŸ˜€

  9. I love the diary! Very vintage. Anyways, may kilala ka bang Corvi Ildefonso? UP Manila ka right, dun din sya e. Friend mo din ata, or common friend. πŸ˜›

  10. Hello Sandra!
    That toast looks yummy! I love all kinds of eggs, and even soft boiled eggs! You should try it again but this time add a bit of salt on the top, it really lifts the flavor! πŸ˜‰

    As for spending money on things that are not THAT important, i really feel ya. I am the same haha. I try to be more responsible, but it is hard. When I had a job, i was better at it but now not so much. I know that my parents send me money monthly and I just spend (I know, not very nice). I need to get better at saving money, because I am not a child anymore, and soon life will get crazy and I will need to have a back up plan. ^__^

    So good luck in your decision to save money and thank you for stopping by my page!

  11. Those noteboooooks looook so cute! I am in search for great looking notebook right now cuz I would want to start a diary soon.. <3 Hihihi. What store nyan sis??

  12. Boiled eggs are my favorite! But I prefer the hard boiled ones πŸ™‚ Baka pwede irequest na sunny side up na lang instead of soft boiled eggs πŸ˜›

    Anyways, ako naman the day I received my first paycheck that was when I started to save money. So when I was studying wala din ako ipon πŸ™‚ May target ako nun na by end of the year dapat may X amount na ako naipon. I think mas madali pag ganun if you set targets kung how much gusto mo maipon. Pero ngayon hindi ko na nagagawa yun haha! Lumipat na kasi kami ng office at mas malaki na expense because mas malayo na sya from where I live. πŸ™

    Good luck and try to set a target if you really want to save πŸ™‚ Like siguro in a month dapat may matabi ka na 500 pesos that's 6000Php a year πŸ™‚

  13. I love Kaya toast but I don't particularly love their soft boiled egg though. For me, it is too soft. haha :))

    Love the new layout sis. So nice!

    I spent too much as well. But now I am trying to save. πŸ™‚ Even a little. haha.

  14. By the way sis, ganda naman ng theme mo!! I sooo love it. Ganda ng colors. Love your photos din pala. Ganda ng notebooks. Pati yung food nakakagutom. Belated happy birthday pala ah. Haha. mwuaaaah! πŸ™‚

  15. Hindi ko masyado type ung soft-boiled egg. I'll still choose the traditional hard-boiled over it. Parang iba lasa, I dunno if its only me. HAHA. I love cute notebooks and stickers too. But I seldom use it. Not really important for me too.

  16. I live Toast Box! Pero prng super mahal just for the soft boiled eggs ah! Pero ok lng haha I like the notebook to! And the last but not the least i like your theme! Candy color <3

  17. Definitely youband I had very similar thoughts about money. I'm really starting to hang on tight to money now that my situation in life has changed. Growing up can be hard!!!

    Speaking of stuff to buy though, I love shopping for stationary stuff!! I actually want to go out and buy more notebooks right now! Might buy some tomorrow since I need some stuff to help me organize a wedding. There can't be enough stationary then!!

  18. I've tasted kaya toast too kaso sa KopiRoti naman. Halos same lng ung serving nila minus the egg. Haha! (:

    I feel for you sis, ganyan din ako kpag nkakakita ng kawaii. Kaso ako, natitiis kong hindi bilhin kasi since malayo ako sa parents ko, my money iniicp ko plagi na "cge ka, wla ka ng allowance bukas..bwal umutang sa parents", haha! ;p

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