Burst of Hormones

Let's meet up at 2:30PM

That was the text I received a day ago from Mae, a high school friend who I consider a twin when it comes to how similar our thoughts are. She can listen anytime, anywhere. More so, she is someone that can be trusted. She listens. She respects what I have to say. She gives her word. And she'll make sure you are the happiest you could ever be before the day ends.  Such a sweet friend! And I admire her for that. 

Today I'll talk about one of the terms we've created to express how smittened we are when we talk about love, infatuation, romance, comedy, teen flicks, boyfriends, sweet things and all others connected to the aforementioned words: "Burst of Hormones" 

No, don't think of burst as eruption.

You don't want to imagine hormones erupting like a volcano inside your body, do you?

It's not like that =)) 

But we were open to that imaginative setting when we talked about it a few days back. XD 

So it's pretty similar to "outburst"  -- a sudden,violent display of emotion. 

I find it amusing how things can go so random.

I went out of the house hoping that a cab would pass by so that I can ride going to the mall to see Mae and some of my friends. There were no cabs, so fine... I just rode the jeepney. 

I was reminiscing the conversation I had with Mae the other day which was also the talk when burst of hormones was invented! So okay, I was kind of acting weird with all the smiling I did in the jeepney. XD But yea, I just covered my mouth with a handkerchief. I sat on the left side of the jeep aligned on the driver's seat, looking outside and... having a burst of hormones of my own.=))

Things got a little bit interesting when I looked to my right towards the outside of the jeepney.

Spotted: A guy in red scooter.



Burst of Hormones ALERT!!!

I saw the guy I was infatuated with during my Senior Year in High School.

I find it really funny now that I'm typing this. =))

That was one epic encounter!! XD  I can't help but say hi to him even if I was inside the jeepney. I got shocked. And when he saw me waving at him, he also got shocked! HAHA It was so funny how the people inside the jeepney were also smiling at me. Some were even laughing as if they knew what was on my mind and what I was feeling! :>  I just smiled back at them. LOL. Such a friendly community around me~~ XD

I wanted to talk to him and say I missed him, but come on.. I can't shout from jeepney to outside like that?

Well, I could have done it! But I didn't.

I don't want him to hit a post! LMAO.

So I just smiled again and just sticked my tongue out like the Yahoo Smiley: LIKE THIS :p  

Then he overtook the jeepney. Pa-cool? NAH hahaha. 

I texted Mae and she replied.

"Hindi magandang place ng burst of hormones ang jeep! :))" 

Gosh I was stopping my laugh that time =)) 

Now I wonder if I waited for a cab, I would have not seen him even for a while at the most awkward place. We were in motion, people! Jeepney & Scooter Situation going on here! :)) 

I suddenly remembered I saw him one night too a few months ago. I was inside a cab, then I saw him walking down the street to buy something. I knew he had to buy something coz I looked where he was going... and it was towards a convenient store.  I can't do anything, 'cause I was inside the freaking cab!! My gosh of all situations. :))

There was also 1 time when I was walking towards my sister's house which was a block away. I then again saw him riding his scooter. We didn't stop though; we just smiled at each other. So lame. :))) 

Life, as they say, is full of surprises. 

And I'm thankful that this kind of surprises that are burst-of-hormones-worthy do happen to me once in a while.

God, if you have a message to tell me about these encounters, please give me another sign. :))) *freaky me*



P.S. I was not in-love. I was only infatuated. But I'm not closing my doors. Who knows...


  1. Love, love, love or infatuation man yan, goodluck with it Sandy (:

  2. hmm sis! bakit ganon?? why don't you two talk with each other & catch up! hmmmm.. does he know you like him ba?

    1. he knows i liked him before. i told him i liked him nung wala na akong nararamdaman. hehe. idk knwo, di kami nagkakausap talaga. he is not an "online" person, last updates niya sa social netowkrs niya jan2011 pa HAHA. and we don't text now. wala din kami mapag-usapan i guess(?) but since we're in the same village, nagkakataon talaga na nagkakasalubong kami. di lang kami nagkakausap XD thank you sis!

  3. You should have texted me too about meeting up.. lol

    I'm glad that you've got a friend like her..It's always nice having someone whom you can really talk about everything.. haha

    It's funny too to have another epic encounter with him.. and yea, you cant really say Hi because of the jeepney people who would surely say stuff bout you.. lol

    1. yes, ngayon ko lang narealize na i have a friend like that. all along, nung march lang kami nagkaroon ng girl moments/pure bonding and omg, super magkapareho kami. thank you sis! see you on 31!

  4. Burst of hormones! I love it <3 And kung siguro ako ung nasa jeep, di ko din mapigilan ang kiligin :">

    1. ikr sis? :)) ang handkerchief nalang yung ginamit ko para naman di ako maobvious sa jeep :)) kawindang teh! LMAO

  5. Those moments that you're in an awkward place then just find yourself smiling. Then, you pretend you're not smiling at all! hahahha. I know the feeling. SO AWKWARD!

    Totally, that's a BURST-OF-HORMONES encounter! ♥

  6. kilig! :> kung ano man yan, enjoy the feeling :)

  7. u always see him when there's something blocking u two away like jeepney and cab. I wonder if u ever meet him face to face. That would be awkward & ur face would feel so damn hot. LOL. I guess he has this handsome smile on his face, m i correct? *nudge teasingly* ;)

    1. i think he really has this 'appeal' i can't help but like :))

  8. Hahahahaha kiliggg!! Haha natawa ako sa burst of hormones! Nice title. Haha!

  9. cute naman!! :D sana binabaan mo from the jeep! LOL!

  10. I was wondering how you looked like while reading your post ^ ^

    Why don't you talk to him sweetie ^ ^ Yay! :D

  11. It is nice to have a friends like Mae. :) She is, indeed, very sweet. :)
    Natuwa naman ako sa mga accidental encounters mo dun sa guy! haha! At talagang sa jeep pa. :) Good thing you came up with the term "burst of hormones". It is very applicable! :) Siguro nga, God has a reason kung bakit mo siya nakikita sa mga oras na hindi mo inaasahan. :)

  12. I get what you're trying to say, because we also have this term when it comes to guys! haha but burst of hormones is one hella creative word!! And maybe, maybe there really is a meaning to those recent pagkikita mo to that guy! wheeeeee. :))

    and sis, btw, I have a header on my blog (new theme), you still can't see it?? :(

  13. Hahaha, talagang burst of hormones nga naman! Kilig kilig <3

  14. kilig ako!!! :) :)
    nakeeer. grbe tlga ang term, burst of hormones. heheh. science maxado. >.<
    sana magkita kayo ulit - ung tipong maguusap na kayo. <3

  15. Sabi nila fate daw pag dalawang beses kayo nagkita or more :)) HAHAHA It must be a sign hehehe

  16. Ang cute naman. Nakasmile rin ako habang binabasa ko yung post po. As if andun lang no. hahahaha. Kakakilig. :P

  17. nyahahahahah!!! natawa ako dito while reading your post mare! :)) may burst if hormones rin ako. nyahahahaha.. so everytime nakakakita ako ng cutie nagkaka burst of hormones rin ako. wahahahahaha.. >:)))

    at ikaw na ang kilig ha! yey! I'm happy for you mare.. basta stay happy lng. mua! :-*

  18. I bet you're smiling while writing this blog post. Okay, that's what it's called pala, "burst of hormones". Does this also apply to guys? I mean, I also have moments like smiling and feeling kilig in public places, and yeah, on PUJs too. gusto ko ung pa-cool moment nung scooter guy, Hihi

    1. i believe this is also applicable to guys. :) we just made that term up, pero diba? mafefeel mo yung rush inside hehehe. yes, he's pacool esp when in scooter!! :)))

  19. Hehe, that's funny that you always see him when you're on the go. It's a good thing that I don't see any of the guys I was infatuated with waaay back when I was younger. I wouldn't even care now either, they didn't mean anything to me. But hey, if you bump into him again, maybe you can give him a note or something when you both are stopped or something. Haha.

  20. I really enjoyed this post. I think you need to find his fb and add him if you haven't yet and message him about stuff. Maybe you are both meant for each other, who knows. I saw my gal-friends doing this thing and it really works. They often say that flirting is the main key. hahaha ;)

  21. OMG dear!! ikaw ah!! so kilig lang..baka destined kayo sa isa't isa yihheee!! para ang dami niyo coincidence! and yeah burst of hormones talaga...CHECK! I wish I could bump mine anytime and anywhere LOL! *cross-fingers* and grabe senior HS ka pa noon but while reading your post parang kailan lang..its like a fresh feeling of love yiheee!! <3

  22. Hahaha infairness, binasa ko sya kahit mahaba. Haha nakakatawa iniimagin ko itsura mo habang tinatype mo yang post. Todo ngiti ka siguro haha At naiimagine ko kayo na nasa jeep tas pinagtitinginan ng ibang pasahero haha kaloka!
    Destined talagang magkita kayo that day kaya walang cab! Haha

  23. Hahaha. Natawa ako sa burst of hormones. Hahaha! Gagamitin ko din yan ah.

    I also have a friend na ganyan. Yung pwede ko lang masabihan lahat. Real friends. ♥

    Naiimagine kita tumatawa while ngppost! hahahaha. Buti kpa. Ako kasi madalas umiiyak while ngttype. hahaha.

    Anyway, talk to the guy. Motto ko ngayon search while waiting. Hahaha. Kasi if tayo lahat mgwwait lang, walang mangyayari.. Aw! Hihi.

    Miss you, ganda!


  24. Hindi ko nanaman nakilala blog mo! Not used to it! >< Haha anyway, natatawa ako while reading you post! Lol hindi ko maimagine talagang details ang tinayp mo! :D

  25. I loved ALL of this it's so true. "Burst of Hormones" it will be called in the future then.
    Jas xo

  26. Actually, comparing hormones to a volcano can make a lot of sense... well, at least for a guy... omg I didn't mean it THAT way... wow anyway... umm... maybe love is just around the corner for you :P that is, if you quit attacking all of these guys haha

  27. Gosh, too highschool-y hahaha! Ang saya naman nun, parang korean drama lang. :3 But anyway, goodluck with it, I agree with you sis, no closing of doors just stay neutral if not ready diba? :)