Poodle Art

One evening while waiting for America's Next Top Model ~ British Invasion on TV, this cute figurine caught my attention.

Already guess what happened?


I hurriedly got my iPad and made a digi-art out of such dainty inspiration.  

It felt like Picasso intervention just happened to me! ^-^ 

FYI, I admire Picasso's paintings so much ever since I took Humanities II which focuses on art appreciation. Some other painters I truly admire are Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and  Leonardo da Vinci. From the general picture to the colors used, intensity of lighting, and the littlest of details, I find meaning in every element they put into their paintings. It is as if I get a glimpse of who they were as an artist, how they express their emotions and how passionate they were to create such pieces of art. 

I ain't a pro when it comes to drawing stuff, you know that. But in this life, I have to have my first in everything. I can explore for as long as I live. There should be no fear in trying, because only by doing so can we see a hint of potential in ourselves. :) 

So I tried... and ended up having this:

Yes, quite naive. Beginner lah~ ^-^ But I'm happy with it. In fact, I enjoyed copying the figurine. I tried my hardest. I HAD FUN. It's like a new world with just me, the figurine, and  my freaking iPad. =)) Also, I almost forgot about the ANTM British Invasion Episode I was waiting for! =)) 

Maybe I can start from hereon out. Learning a new hobby is fun, and I guess drawing or even painting can be "my thing" in the future! Haha. I'll start with digi-arts and in the long run I hope I could use real canvass, oil pastels, watercolors ,and whatnot. It's about time to use my imagination and see how far I'd be going with the power of the brush! ;) 


  1. Yay for art appreciation! I love Picasso too. Love the painting xx

  2. Haha nakakaloka ka. Kala ko gumawa ka din figurine hehe
    infairness ha marunong ka magdrowing. ako hanggang stick people lang haha
    malay mo may future ka pala jan :))

  3. Lol for forgetting the ANTM because of the figurine! =)) I like how you put the eiffel tower there :>

    Yes, try ad don't be scared to explore new things, because you never know what's there for you to love in the future :) ♥

  4. OMG haha! Ganyan din ako magdrawing lols. Bata mang tingnan at least Art parin! Pero the best art ko is Stick 1 at 2. hahaha! Gora sa new hobby!

  5. There's definitely no harm in trying, yay I used to didn't know how to draw or paint (because I never tried and I put myself down that I cannot) I always believe it until one day our teacher ask us to paint for our quarter project and then boom, I discovered a hidden and amazingly unbelievable talent :))

  6. sissss <3
    The poodle reminded me of the poodle I saw one morning while having breakfast in Downtown miami. It was so big and well tall. It was a first for me. And, I like drawing too, but its not that I'm really good at it. :P And your drawing was cute! You have an ipad? do you have any messaging apps sis like viber? so we can talk! hehehe :P wait, i'll tweet you nalang.

    Anyway, I love Picasso too! And Da vinci, although there are just too many controversies that surround each artists work. Love Frida so much, have you seen her movie?


  7. Ang cute kaya! Haha. Trying out new stuff is actually a great thing to do, kasi mas madidiscover mo na may passion ka pala pagdating sa mga ibang bagay. ^^

  8. at least you try :) and practice makes perfect naman :D

  9. Nicely done!

    I also like Vincent Van Gogh. His drawing style of bold, striking strokes is unique and may be called his own. It does remind me of the impressionist approach in art.

  10. Cute! :) And, as they say, practice makes perfect! :) Picasso, Da Vinci, and Van Gogh are really legends when it comes to this matter, some of the painters' passion when it comes to art are challenged by the paintings of Picasso, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, etc.

  11. Lol, that's so cute! You're better than me when it comes to drawing. Seriously, I suck. I admire the artists you've mentioned especially Leonardo da Vince who is such a perfectionist when it comes to his art.

  12. That figurine is adorable and your translation of it is just as cute too! :) Also, practice makes perfect, right? :)

    I think Picasso was definitely one of the world's greatest artists :) oh, and Da vinci too

  13. Oh oh I wanna try digiart as wellllll!!!! </3 Too bad I don't have an ipad. Ang cute sis ~

  14. ANG CUUUTE!! :) goodluck with your new hobby :)

  15. At least nagawa mo., hahaha CUTE naman eeh.. hehe :)