Of First Day and Smokey Blue Eyes

I had my 1st day of classes yesterday. I only have 1 subject on Mondays which starts at 9AM and ends at 10. Since I don't want to get stressed out just because of any heavy traffic along Quezon Ave., I decided to leave the house early. Early like 6AM. :)) I arrived school at 7:10AM. 

Yesterday was one of those typical first days in school. 

I have this 2 types of "Typical First Day", you know. 

Set 1 Typical is when we wait for our professor to show up, then prof would give the course syllabus, orient us with the grading system, give book references to be read and then dismiss. 

Set 2 Typical, on the other hand, is when we wait for our professor to show up, then as time ticks we wait for the free-cut period which is 1/3 of the class hours but heck this Monday class we enrolled for is holy good for an hour so why not wait for the professor to show up til the last minute, but heaven would fail us coz no professor would show up at the end of the period, thus we wasted time supposedly used for learning lol.  

Set 2 won! :)) 

I had lunch at Starbucks afterwards. Since I'm being a loner that time, I decided to just install Instagram on my Android phone and add friends on the list~ My username is vainroxy . Here was my 1st photo!

Roasted Chicken Pesto and Shiitake Mushroom Grilled Sandwich...
 looked and tasted oh-so yummy~♥ 

On another note, I can't help but get bored last night... my sister was using the computer, my nephew at the age of 4 was playing the iPad, and apparently there were no good shows on TV... so I opted to just open my make-up kit!! LOL.

Here's a monotone blue smokey eye make-up I ended up with. FYI, monotone is not really black and white but it's dark and light... so for this eye make-up I only used one color which is blue and applied it on my eye making a gradient from dark to light.

Here's the picture from the webcam

And on my phone's camera

So there! Til next time.♥


  1. Waaaaah typical <3 Hahaha I love the 2nd description pero samin kadalasan masisipag mga professor. Sana bukas hindi sila pumasok, kasi hini ako papasok umaga! Hahaha! Wow sis super smokey nga :)

  2. The make up looks nice. I love experimenting with in your face shades as well. I've tried a super bright orange and a deep green. They surprisingly went well together. =)

  3. hahaha.lol.grabe yung prof niyo ha kawawa kayo tapos alas sais ka pa umalis sa inyo???XD.anyway, hawig mo yung sa karmin:)

  4. Hey lovely. OMG classes started for you? That goes to show time is flying - our summer break is just about in the middle. My daughter starts kindergarten camp on July 9 and shortly after that school begins! Anyways, just wanted to stop by and say hello :)

    Starbucks sounds so yummy right now. Don't you find instagram addicting. When you learn the ropes - you'll DEFINITELY find it addicting, trust me. Add me: Mauigirl659

    Anyways, bye for now ;)

  5. Good luck with school! :)

    I'm not really into heavy eyeshadows, but I like the monotone style. Hihi. :3

  6. Normally, set 2 wins on every first day of school. Same thing happened to me and my friends & I got a days off. We spent the day catching up with each others life during summer instead. :)

    I hate putting on make-ups when I got no plans to go out. I feel like the make-up I've done is such a waste! Especially when it ended up great! :)

  7. Good luck with school and have fun :)
    My daughters are pretty excited to go to school as well hihi

    I also remember my college days, we only wait for like 15 mins or 20 mins. if they don't come we go out and chill outside LOL

    Wow! now I'm craving for starbucks yum~
    Nice eye make up too. Good job sweetie <3

  8. Our profs barely even miss a day of class. and ours is totally the opposite for your typical first day! haha! :) Although, I would pick set 1 for my first days... :P
    YAY! Instagram buddies na tayo! <3 (and I'm hungry because of that pic). Love the smokey eye! Blue is my fave shade when I try and create a smokey eye :)

  9. woooow!! bongga mare! ikaw na ang nag smokey eyes papuntang school!!! hihihihihi :D love it! bongga <3

    I miss school already. sigh... ako eto..real world real troubles na ang kaharap ng lola mo. nyahahahaha :))

    anyway, miss you mare! <3

  10. Ganyan rin ako pagbored, hinahalukay ang make up kit tapos susundin yung mga tutorials. Pero never successful. :P

    I hate and love it pag walang prof. Parang masaya ka kasi walang klase tapos maiisip mo yung nasayang na oras at effort sa pagprepare mo para makarating on time kaya maiinis ka nalang. Haha. Lalo na pag 7.30 yung class. :|

  11. Ganyan naman talaga pag first day. Haha. Pero this sem, ang weird ng first day namin sa school. Most subjects, may prof at naglesson na agad. Sinagad ang oras. Kaloka lang. Haha. Pero okay lang kasi diba kaya nga nagbayad ng tuition. Eh pero super aga naman excited ang mga prof. hahaha.
    Buti naman nag instagram kita! I-add kita pag nakapaginstagram ako ulet. hahaha.
    Nakita ko nga yang look mo sa tumblr ata. Lovette! kasi blue. alam mo na. hahaha. at yung lips ang taray haha

  12. Ansaveh ng make up natin? :)) Pink lips! I never tried to make a perfect smokey eye. But I'm learning ;))

    Roasted Chicken Pesto and Shiitake Mushroom Grilled Sandwich. AHHH! Makes me want to eat Garlic bread. Haha. I dunno bakit yun ang nag-pop out sa mind ko :))

  13. Ay sosyal.

    May oras pa mag makeup ng bongga! haha! :) Very nicely done!

    Though... I am really lazy with those stuff, haha! :) Love the new theme! Colorful!

  14. ang gondoohh naman ng eye makeup! i love it ;)

    and ginutom ako sa sandwich!

  15. WOW!!!! Ang ganda ganda naman ng makeup. Pwede na maging makeup guru. Gawa na ng tutorial. haha hindi talaga ako marunong ng ganyan.

    Dami din nangyari sayo. Naku nakakamiss din ang school. Isang taon na ang nakalipas. Nakalipas? Haha wow, lalim. Goood luuuck.

    Miss youuuuu!!!!

  16. Oh, wow, I didn't know Starbucks served lunch foods, haha! ^^; I'm so silly ... I assumed they only had coffee and baked sweets. xD; That sandwich looks so delicious, though! *w*;

    And the result of your playing around with makeup is quite the cool effect! I also love the lip colour you're wearing ... Candy floss pink! >w<;

  17. goodluck this school year sis! :3 like your make up! BLUE!! :D

  18. hahaha set 2 won obviously.. LOLs It always happens in ateneo before.. haha and yeah, glad that you';ve got instagram.. I followed back I guess? tell me if i havent.. lol I love how your eyes are sooooo blue.. hahaha reminds me of avatar.,. kidding.. miss you.. see you soon again

  19. I love Starbucks too!