Our Last BIOGYUGAN 2012

BIOGYUGAN is an inter-level variety show competition wherein students showcase their creativity, wits and talents to highlight the annual theme for BioWeek. This year's theme is "The Apocalypse: Extinction of Species".

This is the 4th and last time my batch and I would do this, so it's more than just Biogyugan for us. We were also after the bondings, crammings, and nonstop fun when we are together! ♥ It's an event we had all been waiting for -- to prove that we deserve the title champion!

My role was a Heat Goddess^-^ I had to do my own make-up for this~ :)) It was a day of experimentation for I'm not really that good with very pigmented shades yet, but yea I think it had a good finish. :D

Here's my overall look! Heat Goddess enough? XD

Here goes the Seniors' Performance. ;-)

Andrei de Guzman - the man who is being happy and giddy with nature

Andrei dancing w/ the sea creatures and trees of the forest

However, Greed, portrayed by Miguel Jarabelo, blinds all reason. Andrei got blinded by the works of money and personal interest. Greed has convinced Andrei to abuse the resources.

As a result, illegal taking of plants and animals by the poachers were done.

With the introduction of greed and abuse of resources comes the consequences that the face of the Earth had to deal with. The Goddess of Death/Extinction, Juris Fojas, walked in as she welcomed the Six Goddesses who would represent the natural consequences.

Introduction of the Six Goddesses: Poison, Heat, and Storm

I just had to post this picture of me!! I kinda like how "apocalyptic" my stare was LMAO! Mamatay sa tingin ang peg XD

The attack of the Poison Goddesses, Noemi Nuñez and Julia Se.

Plants and animals being killed due to Poison

The attack of Heat Goddesses, Caila de Villa and yours truly Sandra Ganzo

People, plants and animals are all affected by the intense heat.

The attack of Storm Goddesses, Ren de Villa and Joy Taneo, leading to flood.

At the end, Andrei had been caught to face all these consequences.

The performance ended with the Goddess of Extinction breaking the fourth wall, saying "You're Next"

All year levels performed really well! Every batch had an interpretation to showcase and all had put much effort to deliver well. What is so great about this competition, though, is the fact that we delivered not merely to place in the competition, but to help our fellowmen in our own little way by donating all proceeds of the show to the flood victims after the recent monsoon flooding in the Philippines.

That, I believe, is the best way to end our Bioweek. A Bioweek With A Heart, indeed.

#BatchLove #SeniorMoments ♥


  1. I love your make up and your projections! Good job sis and thanks for reading my blog! :*

  2. Truly a GODDESS sweetheart <3 Love your makeup :) That event looks so epic and I know y'all enjoyed it ^ ^

    My nieces are all busy with some events at their school too.

    Wow it's nice that all the proceeds will go to the flood victims
    God bless you all


  3. I bet your performance is the best sis! kahit sa pictures pa lang it looked cool na talaga. And plus your make up, it looks bright and fierce. Love it! <3

  4. Oh wow. Based on the pics, your performance looks fabulous. I wish I'd seen it in person. I think you did a good job. :)

    I love your eye makeup. ;) You look gorgeous ~!

  5. aw what a nice play, i like your eye make up so pretty. sana magpost ka pow ng video ng play na ito.

  6. Fierce hehehe ... Congrats on being first place ;)

  7. It was surely a colorful event based sa pictures. Mukhang interesting din mapanood mismo yung interpretation nyo. =) Congratulations for placing 1st!

  8. Fierce Goddess! I want to watch the performance, parang ang ganda hihi

  9. Oh my God, so cool! You looked great, sis! You're from UP Manila pala! Congratulations nga pala, this looked like a lot of fun! :)

  10. Reli want to be in dt place to see d show. Hehe. Ur makeup luk so powerful. Hehe

  11. Ganda ng make up sis :)

  12. Nice make-up sis! I'm sure the performance was a blast, I can feel it in the photos :)

  13. congrats. ganito din ang feeling nmin nung accountancy week. :) 2 time champion kami - fifth and fourth year. 2 time first runner up - third and second year. hehe

    love how the flow of your performance is. pinagisipan tlga.


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  14. Same here! Wonderful make-up!!! Congratulations dear!

  15. Same here! Nice make-up! Congratulations!!!

  16. you look fierce <3 bongga! congrats sa winning performance and nailing it <3

  17. Had a #seniormoment attack while reading your post. :< Gaaah everything about Bioweek will be missed. Kahit yung stress + pagod + puyat part with practices and props.

    Bio2012 looooove :">

  18. Nung nakikita ko tong mga pictures sa facebook? natutuwa ako! Looks fun and fierce! thumbs up! ♥

  19. ang ganda mo!:D Ang fierce fierce mo lang! eep it up! and congrats on bagging the 1st place :D

  20. The pics are absolutely gorgeous! Of course lalo na si Miss Anything Rad :) Bet ko ang makeup ... high fashion ang dating. I love experimenting on shades too. Medyo nagaadjust padin ako sa pigments. On the pic where you said you have this apocalytptical look ... I'd say the goddess look kamo. :)

  21. congrats sis! lovin your pics! looks really fun!. mwah mwah miss ur blog ;)

  22. Wow. I wish there's a video or something we can watch. Interesting ha. I like the interpretation. Very true from what we are experiencing now. Imagine in 50 years.. Ano na kaya itchura ng mundo no? no more trees, flooding everywhere. Crazy and scary.

    As for your Goddess look, beautiful and very fierce. I'd say you nailed it as the Heat Goddess. :] Congrats btw.

  23. Nice make up! Haha. Made me miss going to school and doing shiznits for plays :D

  24. Wow, that performance looks awesome! Congrats on 1st place! I love the way you did your make-up. It makes me think of fire, which I think works well for a "Heat Goddess" :D