Dainee's Milk Tea Shop

I had to visit my make-up artist for tomorrow's graduation pictorial when I saw this milk tea shop called Dainee's  Tea & Pastries at NBC Square, Congressional Avenue. I suddenly craved for anything sweet, so without any second thoughts I entered the shop.

I bought cheese muffin and  Dainee's delight. The cheese muffin was mouthwateringly good! Nonetheless, my taste-buds weren't so delighted with "Dainee's Delight" Milk Tea. :3 Just a so-so flavor, but I ain't gonna generalize. After all, I haven't tried the rest of their milk tea selections. A next visit won't hurt, ne? ^-^

School girl life stresses me out! Hello to eyebags and more sleepless nights la~ Hmm, more challenges are to come my way, that's certain. One of my most hectic school weeks would be on the 3rd week of this month -- thesis defense, my undergrad seminar, and exams in Immunology Lecture Class as well as in Cell & Molecular Biology Lab and Lecture Classes.

Prayers, good vibes, and a smile on my face would be my ultimate weapons!

Moreover, I ain't a B+ for nothing.

BE POSITIVE as my blood type says.

Xoxo. ♥

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  1. Yum, a cheese muffin sounds good :) That's too bad the milk tea was only so-so, though I think the logo on the cup is really cute. Good luck on all of your school work!