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Pushing yourself to your limits and even beyond it. That, I can say, is the most fitting line for my life since 2009 — the year when I started studying for college; when everything became more of a serious matter; that year when my sense of purpose became quite the real deal.

I cannot say Life is a bitch because it isn’t to start with. Neither has it become one. In fact, it has been my mentor ever since. Who I am now, I owe it to the experiences I had with Life, together with the people around me — supporting, commending, or even criticizing me along the way.

There are times when I’d lost my enthusiasm towards the bull’s eye goal. A lot of times, I couldn’t understand what’s going on in my life. I would start neglecting things, deal with them only if I’m in a good mood or when I just feel like caring. There was a point or even a line in my life when I just wanted to stop it all and just be carefree. I wanted, or no, I needed a breather. Nevertheless, I couldn’t just feign ignorance. Reality is, I have to get up, move forward, and do something because Life should be worthwhile  Life should be fun. Life should be meaningful. And that can only be achieved when Life is set for a Purpose.

I’ve gone through a hurdle of events in my life such as emotional turmoils, school insanities, and whatnot. For countless times, I have questioned myself and my capabilities to the point that I ask myself “What’s wrong with you?”.

Thankfully, another year has come by. I’m moving forward with the life lessons I learned from the previous years at the back of my mind. As they say, with a new year comes a new hope. This year is given for us to have the chance to forget, chance to renew ourselves and be better people. The previous years indeed had tested my integrity as a person. Now what will year 2013 cater for me? That, I’m excited about.

Here comes the daylight of a brand new chapter! xoxo♥

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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