The Sun & The Deep Blue Sky

There are some things that we can't understand, yet we accept; things that make us tired, yet drive us to persevere even more; and things that seem impossible to happen, yet we find ways to make it happen or make it work. In all circumstances, one thing is for sure -- we derive something out of negativity or mere restlessness, and that is hope.

These days, it seems that the scenery of the sky and the sun has become my favorite subject to capture. I never really know the true reason behind such fondness. All I know is I feel happy when I see pictures of such.

The moment I send a glare towards the sun, the rays somewhat reach my skin and make me feel anew with its warmth. Ahh, I love the warmth coming from it. It makes me remember that I'm alive, and I should be living my life like a person who is wholly alive! -- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Despite the challenges of life, there is hope. Just give yourself time and contemplate. It can be delayed if we ignore it, but it will never leave you. Once you find the light, it will always reach you -- just like the sun, with its rays, that seem to be embedded on a deep blue sky.

P.S. All pictures taken by me, Sandra , using Instagram.


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  2. Great shots! While your message is motivating. :)