Oh Creeepe!

This is the usual scenario I have in my room at night during toxic days.

Occupying one corner of the bed with my netbook on a pillow, handwritten notes on the side and a pillow perfectly indented in a corner which would serve as a cushion on my back while studying. I would love to label that as my thinking corner btw! =)) So, that happened to be my "spot" for a couple of nights in preparation for my exams in Histology lecture and laboratory classes.

We had to study five systems for the exams -- muscle, nervous, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and skin histology --  and we had to incorporate every bit of information in our cerebrum for just 2 freaking weeks! Everything's interesting, though brain-draining due to the short span of time allotted for all systems (or maybe because I crammed a bit LOL).

We took the exams yesterday (lecture) and a while ago (laboratory)... I realized I had a lot of errors while answering the tests, so I'm not really hoping for aces. Nevertheless, life must go on! I don't know but after 4 years in college, I think I've learned and mastered the art of letting go *deep ocean* XD.  Letting go in the sense that once I notice the mistakes, I'd let them be (if I can't do anything about 'em anymore)... and then I'd console myself, learn from them, and go back on track ~ almost all in one day.

Learning is a process and you can't be learning well enough without the errors. Life in general is trial and error.

Regardless of the outcome, I'm giving myself this blueberry chessecake crepe as a reward not for the aces but for the effort I have given. It's the effort that counts. :)) Oh creepe!


  1. Haha same here sis, ganyan ako magreview. sa kama tapos ang gulo. maayos pa nga yung sayo eh. kung makikita mo kama ko tuwing exam week, jusko hindi mo maiimagine kung pano pako nakakahiga sa sobrang dami ng papel hahahaha

    and same, nirerewardan ko din sarili ko regardless of my results. basta nag effort ako, yun na. kailangan ng reward. hahaha

  2. i'd lyk to have my crepe wf bananas. D taste so yummy :)

  3. It's normal to have mistakes. What is important we learned from them. Just give your best and God will do the rest. By the way,I am craving right now just by seeing your crepe.