Now on its 2nd Year!

TADAAAA! So here's a new AnythingRad.Com coming your way. :))

I finally got the time to revamp my website i.e., make a theme and give ARC a fresh look, add some widgets (but I gotta say I need to research on this part coz there are yet a few awesome Blogger widgets that I know of), categorize my posts adequately (look at the sidebar for the categories/subcategories! ♥), and hopefully renew my blogging spirit along the way.

As usual, I have been very busy in school. A lot of things have been accomplished though... like the fact that I'M DONE WITH THESIS and that I have 3 subjects left for this semester. :D I am applying for MedSchool as well and I hope I could choose well when the time comes that I need to do so. XD

So that's it for now. Just want to let you all know that I renewed my domain for another year. You see, I have this so-called "Palit-Domain Syndrome" which happens every year. If you follow me on Twitter, you'd certainly have a glimpse of #DomainProblems Tweets I post once in a while. This syndrome, as I call it, makes me confused whether or not I should change my domain name, move to another blog, change from Blogger to Wordpress and vice versa, and the worst of all, whether I should stop blogging or not. x_x

Fortunately, I decided that ARC will be staying and I will be staying in the blogosphere \:D/ I got a few inspirations for doing so, and I'm really hoping that I can get the hang of this even if I'm in MedSchool already. :> Toodles!


  1. Yey for you! Congrats! Ako din, going on 2nd year and sana magtuloy tuloy hahaha Kaso eto busybusyhan ni hindi makapagpalit ng theme :( Buti ka pa new theme na hehe

  2. Hi Sandra! Thanks for dropping by my blog.: )And cheers on the changes you made on your site, though I wasn't able to really see how it was before.: ) Anyway, good luck on your dreams of being a doctor! See you around the blogosphere.: )

  3. yay! I wish I can change my domain too mare.. you see.. somehow I want to change bebe-doll to something worth keeping until I age, become a mom, lola, etc.. :)) I don't think I still want to be called "bebe-doll" when I have my kid already. :)) I just wish I'd have the same courage like you do. :)