Not all would love to take a silly picture of unwashed utensils and blog about it. Not all would want something not pretty in the eyes to be shown to a lot of people. Not all would like anything unsuitable to be noticed and publicized. Reality is, no one wants to see the unpleasant.

But how much we hide it, we can't lie to ourselves. Seeing the unpleasant within us is inevitable, and there's no way around it but to recognize it along the way. It's either you'd come to a point of denial of oneself or just get into it and do something about it... FOR YOURSELF.

It's either you'd become fearful of having an encounter with something you'd see as a foe, or be strong to come into terms with something you'd eventually see as a friend.

The unpleasant is something you need to acknowledge before you can fully grasp its totality and kill it. Once you do, it would be easier to accept it not as a foe, but as a friend. Like a friend that you can count, you can trust... and eventually get your strength from to let you get out of that shadow you've been keeping.

We can play around the bush with ourselves, but in the end there are only two options.

Deny or accept.

I choose the latter.


  1. Ang deep naman :) Epekto ba yan ng init? Haha! Joke lang! Pinapatawa lang kita. :P Anyways, I think whatever unpleasant thing we go through naman is a blessing in disguise. I believe na hindi ito ibibigay ni Lord kung d natin kaya lampasan :)

  2. And oh happy birthday in advance to you :) Same nga pala tayo na May babies :P

  3. Deep thoughts, sis. Unpleasant things are just around us. Some choose to pretend it's invisible, others see it but don't get to the point of appreciation. Who would do that anyway? But like you, I'd like to accept it :)
    Anyways, You're part of my Versatile Bloggers list! :) Check it out on my blog! :) ♥

  4. Hello Dara. Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment (despite my page being boring.. Hehe) :)

    I like the way you express through writing. You must be a young lady with deep thoughts.

    I think seeing the unpleasant is necessary, too. It's a means for us to do something to improve. It should motivate us to strive and turn the awful into something beautiful. :)