Third Month as a Med Student

Just had my Physio exam awhile ago and here I am feeling like a vena cava -- totally drained.

This is gonna be my 3rd month as a medical student and the workload really is just overwhelming. It's like my school load for one whole semester in college would only take a week for us to discuss in Medicine school. One needs all the faith and strength in the world, all the support you can get from family, friends and God, and even all the neurons and space inside your brain so that you can accommodate more sulci & gyri in it! 

Midterms is off to go by tomorrow (Last 2 subjects for tomorrow~ *finally*) and I'm really hoping that I get to straighten up my habits before the next wave of lessons & exams comes in.

I'd organize my schedule, I said... I'd be the most productive person as I can be, I said... I'd stop cramming coz I know it's not a very good thing to do, I said... but those are only words I have said and yet to do. -_- I guess I have to really give much more force to oppose the power of procrastination. I have to master the skill of working double time as well. 

The ardor is still within; the flame is still burning... coz ever since I had the chance to choose the path I wanted to take, this was already where I wanted my arrow to hit. It seems as if I can't see myself doing anything but to become a doctor for my country career-wise. I always wanted to learn everything so that I can be of help to others. But before I can do something, I have to struggle and be worthy of this profession, of this position in the future. 

There is so much to learn from books, experiences, and wholly in this path we have chosen, yet we can only do so much. 

It really is a matter of wanting it, believing in it, and fighting for it.


  1. This is only the beginning. I know that all of our efforts will pay off once we've proven ourselves and to others that we are really worthy to be doctors. :) We shall all succeed for we chose this path to help others who are in need of our services. May 1C be the best doctors that we can be.

    We've got the drive, the motivation, and the passion. Let's keep the faith.


  2. Finally, an update! I could imagine how busy you are because you haven't updated this blog! Haha. At grabe lang yung months sa college pero weeks lang sa med school! Goodluck! Aja! Hahaha.