MedWeek Commencement

I guess starting your day with God makes the difference.♥

I started my day attending mass in our school's chapel to commence Medicine week. I got to spend time with classmates like I used to do during my premed years, and I felt great! Just cheering for teams, laughing with friends, taking pictures, eating, and being merry all day long.... I definitely missed that.

I got the chance to be part of the chorale too! :) It was an instant audition kind of thing. ;)) After the mass, my friend and I approached the chorale if they needed some additional people for alto range, and they agreed! Practiced the doxology for a couple of times, and since I already knew the National Anthem part.. everything was good. ♥ Chorale peeps were so energetic and friendly, that I thought I was with Biorhythm again. :) But of course, no comparisons shall be made. I just love singing. ♥

The pageant for Mr. & Ms. med was awesome. All contestants were so talented, I can't even.... XD And yes, afterwards I had my "me time" in a coffee place. I thank God for this wonderful life.

Everyday is a blessing. Cherish every moment.


  1. I finally found your blog. Hehe Are you also taking med at UP? :) Anyway, good luck on your chosen field. <3

  2. May new posts ka pala, tagal ko na di nakakabisita dito hehe

    Ang active mo pa din sa extra curricular events ah, kahit busy busy ka sa med school. At ang taray, part agad ng chorale. Sample naman jan! Di ko alam kumakanta ka pala :)

    Pirma mo ba yung nasa picture? Ang ganda infairness. Ang pro ng dating. Yung pirma ko puchu puchu haha