No one woke me up in September... I have to deal with a dream.
It focuses on a lightswitch; I stare at it in curiosity.
I feel like turning on the switch... I DID.
The room turned bright, everything was light. I refused to turn it off... I REFUSE. 
Now I have the choice to turn the switch on my own.
Sometimes it's on; sometimes it's off.

Sometimes I feel it; sometimes I don't.

Nonetheless it complies all the time, or maybe most of the time.
Simple yet interesting.
Weird but fun.
Should I REFUSE to awake?
Coz I'm getting used to it. I DO. 


  1. The literary piece sounds so sad. Why..........

  2. hi chester! hmm,, I don't know. ;)) It depends, I guess, sa nagbabasa? hahah Thanks for your input! My thoughts prolly are mixed up! XD