Born to Be Alive

Born to Be Alive

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I found myself looking at this piece of scantron paper last night. This was for a shifting exam I had a month ago. The first 20 numbers correspond to a set of answers I had for that shifting. My hands can’t be helped from scribbling onto it like it’s some kind of freedom wall. Scribbled down a mantra to remind myself that life is not all about burning ‘brows and madness. We get to be preoccupied by stress and stress alone that we tend to forget to live the life we would love to have and be happy about.

I started catching up with one of my favorite baking showdown shows last night, the Cupcake Wars. That show is oozing with all kinds of ganache, spices, and cake base that I get to be cephalically hungry every time I watch an episode. On another note,  I find calligraphy art quite interesting. Now where do I buy that calligraphy pen?

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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2 thoughts on “Born to Be Alive

  1. Hi Sandra!!! Haven't been here in a long time. Nice to see active ka pa rin. You're one of the earliest bloggers I've met while starting out. What happened to us? Hahaha!

    The closest I have to this, well not literally cuz we couldn't keep them even after getting results, is my sheet from the entrance exam waaaayy back at the time I was looking for a college to go to. It would be nice to have that back and by now for the same reason why you made this kind of post.. reminisce and look back.

  2. Hi Anna! Yes, siguro naging part na rin to ng buhay ko. (emote pa) haha Yes, I guess venturing the real world led to bvusy schedules or perhaps blogging became a business to some that they opted to leave personal writing, or just they have outgrown blogging….

    Yes, it feels good to reminsice most of the time.. we see our growth through this. ^^

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