Don't be too hard on yourself

Do we really have to learn the hard way?
Do we have to be scarred in order to grow?
Do we need the negativity to appreciate the positivity that lies ahead?

We all have different circumstances as we journey through life.
Some may find it as easy as p-i-e to surpass everything, while some struggle to get on to a destination....

It's definitely energy-consuming to worry all the time.
Too much passivity, however, will lead you nowhere.
Finding that balance, I guess, should be the key.

Don't worry too much. 
If you feel like you need a break from everything, so be it. 
Have a break for a couple of days, for a week, for a month. 
Reflect. Refresh. Renew.
Cliche as it is, everything really does happen for a reason. 
It's not yet the end of the world. 
Just smile, have the guts to continue, work your ass off 
and become a better version of yourself... every single day. 

Picture above: A scene from Healer Kdrama EP07

1 comment:

  1. I've no idea what happened or what you may be going through right now but people always say in situations like this: Keep your chin up. It's not the end of the world.

    What I would say: Things will be better eventually, Sandra. :)