Rad's Shower Thoughts 001

Ang tunay na kaligayahan ay makakamit mo lamang kung ikaw ay tunay at walang halong pagdudang maligaya para sa sarili mo.  

It's always a burden to feel lost. That you, being labeled now as an adult, still... feel lost. You get yourself one day, then the next... you don't. You aspire on things, but the drive to move becomes hazy along the road. Then, you snap back to that sunshine of hope and inspirations....

Today, I thought I needed to satisfy my own cravings for myself first. Crave health – mental, physical, spiritual. Crave independence. Crave connections. Crave the next destination. Crave burritos. Crave leisure. Crave career. Crave a progressive you.

Everyday. Every single day. Learn to be happy for yourself.

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  1. This is so relevant right now! <3 Have a nice day ate sandra! <3