A Second Chance Movie Date

Catching up with leisure and fun with the boyf! Finally got the chance to go out and leave the stress and responsibility from studying. This kind of moments are hard to find during the semester. This also serves as our much needed "gift" for successfully ending the semester well! Got to watch A Second Chance on its first day at Fisher Mall -- our fave go-to place to watch movies! ♥ Really good, cozy, chill place to watch a movie. I recommend that you spend time to visit Fisher Mall and see for yourselves how great a cinema Fisher Box Office is! ^_^

I commend Bea & John Lloyd, as well as the supporting cast, for executing their warm, emotional lines impeccably for this movie! The 1st part which is One More Chance is incomparable to the 2nd movie as the latter focuses more on married life, rather on the mixed-up initial stages of the relationship on the 1st. It takes reality to a whole new level even if it's just a movie coz like it or not, the scenes portrayed in this movie reflect real deep relationship matters. How couples would deal on some situations they might go through as they go along the relationship, how they get up, move on, and deal with everything to keep things from falling apart; that it takes two to tango for a relationship to work through good times and bad.

It made me cry a lot and laugh a couple of times. The boyf kept on poking me whenever I get teary-eyed LOL. That's how good the actors were in the movie! They transcend the emotions from screen to you! So if you haven't watched it yet, give it a try and watch it when you get the time. Til then! ;)

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