BoxPark Manila – Congressional Ave. Ext.

BoxPark Manila – Congressional Ave. Ext.

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After a tiring yet productive day accomplishing duties with my beau, we decided to grab something to eat at the much talked about area along Congressional Ave. Extension, the Box Park! We had a little problem parking but all went well after finally seeing one free slot to park. So, it’s basically an open box-type lot with food stalls or, as they call it, trucks situated at the sides and corners of the area. We got to buy something from 4 out of all the stalls and here they are! 🙂

Baste & Taste’s Margherita Pizza. As avid eaters of anything Italian, we couldn’t resist buying pizza! So, we tried the pizza they had to offer. It costs around 170 Php for a rectangular pizza sliced into little boxes ready to be devoured by hungry people like us! It was fine though a generous amount of veritable ingredients would have made the dish better. The crust was so-so; not something I’d go back for for the mean time.

Ozawa Noritako’s Raspberry Slushy. We were supposed to buy the noritako they had on their menu but, sad to say, they were not available at the time we were there. They had scheduled “offs” for certain dishes during the holiday season, and so we were only able to buy our slushies. They were given to us in cute mason jars which are very instagram-able and hyped for some! Haha. It’s pretty much affordable, less than a 100, for both small and big jars and it’s best for sharing! ♥  A lot of customers, though, got a bit disappointed since almost 80% of their dishes were unavailable during the time. Maybe next time! 😉

Plaza de Taqueria Mexicana Cantina’s Nachos. It  has cost us 195 Php. It’s kinda pricey for a medium-portioned dish that is not uncommon. We were kind of expecting a more generously-prepared dish. 🙂

For dessert, we ordered Mr. Diggins’ Honey Pot! It’s the only place that is ultimately a dessert place among the stalls as far as I could remember (Some stalls got dessert on their menus but none were really catchy). The Honey Pot was a hodge-podge of goodness of honey crunch, butter croutons, caramel syrup and the surprising crushed graham & cookie ground under! No wonder it’s entitled Diggins! You really have to DIG MORE to taste heaven! I prefer eating a spoonful of all layers since everything blends perfectly as they melt in my mouth. The waffle was perfect! Hot & crispy out, softy in. That’s just how I like my waffles made. 😉 The only thing that bothered me was the consistency of the ice cream on my pot. I prefer a creamier, milkier ice cream, hihi. But, this dessert made me smile at the end! You can get it at a price of 95 Php.

Overall, I’d give 3 of 5 stars for this place so far. We weren’t able to try the other stalls tho. As for the ambiance, it’s a good spot for meeting up friends you haven’t met for so long! Or if you just had a long, winding day, you could hang out with loved ones and chill for a night of booze and chitchat! 🙂 So,, until then!

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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