January Avon Haul and First Impressions

January Avon Haul and First Impressions

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 I just received the Avon products I ordered a few days back. I only bought two items actually, but it seems that I’m on my way to being lucky this year that my order was accompanied by freebies too! 🙂
I drastically changed my priorities after college that I rarely buy make-up like I used to. Hoarding at its finest was my mantra before lol. But yes, I really was kind of addicted with buying make-up and applying bb creams of all types, lipstick variants of all shades, skincare for day and night, lotions and the like. Well, that was before. Since 2014, I had a change of heart and prioritized my earring collection (If you happen to see me, I looove wearing different ones everyday!) I also had a ring lover era too, but that’s not the topic so let’s move on, shall we? :))

Here is the Avon Super Extend Infinitize Mascara in Black. After my mascara from Etude House got consumed, I didn’t follow up on buying another since I was perfectly fine without it. But now, I got the urge to buy a new one from Avon! 🙂

The brush is around an inch length with bristles that are indicated to fully lengthen and add volume to the eyelashes. I also researched about this and they say the brush has got to be the drugstore equivalent of some high end product! I’m really excited to use this on my future looks!

The second one is the Avon Simply Pretty Shimmer Blush Stick in Peachy Glow. I’ve come across blush sticks recently and I was curious on how this could add some shimmery glow on my cheeks. 
The product is contained in a small tube, easy to put inside the bag without giving additional gross weight. Very travel-convenient and emergency-must-do-makeup-friendly for a very busy person like me! Haha.

Those were the two items I was talking about, but wait… there’s more!! lol.

It  happened that my mascara camewith a freebie! It’s the Avon Ultra Luxury Eyeliner  in Dark Brown. I’m very much into pencil eyeliners although I have a gel eyeliner from Nature Republic. But for school-friendly, fast-paced on-the-go world of my med life, pencil eyeliners are my go-to’s! 🙂 
I also received an Avon Naturals Face Care Whitening Powdery Cream for white and radiant skin as it promises. 
It is contained in a tube that is very well-sealed.
Also, I received a Cherish Notebook from Avon with Jodi Sta. Maria & Richard Yap as cover welcoming Jodi to the Avon Family!♥  How lovely! I’m excited to try everything! I never had issues with drugstore products, and in fact they suit my skin well; I never got a breakout from them for years of use. I used to buy a lot of high end ones but still got skin irritation… so it really depends on how your skin would react and all. Til then, xoxo!♥

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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