New Running Shoes, Advocacy, and Drugstore Finds!

Finally bought a new pair of running shoes to replace my 7-year old shoes that I initially bought way back for my P.E. Classes in college. I'm really ecstatic to use my new pair for my daily (hoping that I could do it daily haha) exercises. A few months from now I'll be on my 24th year on earth and, guess what
, I'm not getting any younger! :))So this new pair is from Skechers. It's one of the pairs from their Relaxed Fit Line - a gel-infused footwear. It promises a roomier fit, all-day comfort, and a pair of shoes that would contour to your feet. I'm so excited to be active in my life right now! Haha.

I've been into taking care of my health lately to the point that I keep my calcium load in-check -- at least drink milk or get a hand of substitutes like yogurt, cheese, etc in the system. That calcium load would be crucial as we get old especially for women who are more prone to osteoporosis. So, yes... I am a calcium advocate! :D

I also found these two promising drugstore products that I immediately bought the moment I saw them today. It's the Belo Sunexpert Tinted Sunscreen that promises a superior sunprotection plus flawless no make-up look and this Collagen Lip Care Duo (Lip Balm and Lip Gel). Reviews will be up as soon as I try them next time! ;)

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