Ally’s All-day Breakfast, Fairview Branch

Ally’s All-day Breakfast, Fairview Branch

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Started this day early to take care of some papers as we get into our transition stage from third year to our final year as clinical clerks. After a hard day’s work, we  decided to try Ally’s All-day Breakfast 2nd branch here along Pontiac Street, Fairview, Quezon City. The hot weather has taken its toll and I can’t help but crave for things sweet and cold. Pancakes has always been an all-time fave for me! So, I ordered one of their DIY pancakes in classic topped with big slices of banana goodness and a big scoop of chocolate ice cream, sugar confections and caramel syrup on the side! *yum* 

We got to order their All-Star Breakfast Beef Tapa with twin sunny side-ups! 
The aesthetics of the place greatly complemented the hot, sunny weather as the walls were covered with synthetic green grass, artsy wall decors, and fresh earthly hues. It reminded me of a summer get-away vibe. So relaxing! The crew was fast and accommodating too. This was our first visit in Ally’s and I’m so excited to try out the rest of their dishes. 

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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One thought on “Ally’s All-day Breakfast, Fairview Branch

  1. OMG! Bananas topped on ice cream pancakes! Mukhang masarap! I have heard about this restaurant from my friends, kaso QC is far. I can't. Sana may ibang branch pa sila.

    Nagutom ako. 😐

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