Mangan Tamu at Mangan SM North Edsa

I seldom go to any Filipino restaurants primarily because I'd prefer my mom's best cooking for real home-cooked dishes, but Mangan Restaurant caught my attention for their affordable and scrumptious dishes that prick into the soul in every bite. The picture above was our so-called 'first-love' dish -- Salmon Belly, Sinigang na Miso.

 The restaurant's ambiance is very refreshing with walls covered in a light color scheme. The lights are not your typical ones, molded like planets of the solar system as I have perceived 'em when I took this photo. They are, in actual, fluorescent lights... but magically they turned out that way through the lenses.

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I prefer the cushioned seats at the side more than the monoblocks as they make me more feel at home.

The place is well-maintained and the service is fast with the amicable staff. The price we paid was justified by the great service and food delivered to us on our table. Really nice place to have a simple gathering with old friends and family and even with your loved ones for weekend dates. :)

Sinigang sa Miso, Salmon Belly

Sisig ni Mely

Sinigang sa Miso, Bangus Belly

Inihaw na Liempo 

Wasn't able to order any desserts, but as far as I remember choices were only few... was searching for some pastries that would satisfy my sweet tooth! hihi. Overall, definitely a good place to come back for Filipino dishes!

* Mangan Restaurant can be found at SM North Edsa Annex Bldg. 
Fast Q&A: ~ What is your favorite go-to restaurant?


  1. We often pass by Mangan in Glorietta but never got to try it yet, kasi baka mahal. You know, Pinoy food lang naman tapos mahal, magluluto nalang kami dba haha but I want to try this too!
    Manam is one Filipino resto I like. Masarap din :)

  2. Mangan is an Ilocano word for eat if i'm not mistaken :D I dont think they have a branch here in Davao yet but one of the best filipino restaurant I've tried is Kusina Selera. The food was delicious :D and the place was so relaxing. The liempo photo looks really delicious btw :D

  3. Hi Rad! I'm your new follower:) I must say, I miss eating at Mangan...Hope to visit the North soon. Hope we can do link exchanges:)

    Joy F. -