A Day in the Life: First Surgery Assist

Today, I was able to assist in an AV fistula formation procedure in my surgery rotation together with two of the eminent surgeons of the institute. I never had any experience in the real operating room set-up before since that wasn't part of the curriculum I had in my undergrad years. But, thanks to the surgeons and nurses who were patient with me when I wasn't able to comprehend some things... I was able to cope along the way. That was one of my firsts in the hospital setting and I must say I learned a lot from this experience.

There was so much adrenalin going that I didn't realize that a couple of hours had passed since we started the operation! I enjoyed the experience so much that I'm hoping to learn more from all these. After the operation, I still had the adrenalin going to the point that I just wanna work work work! Lol. But seriously, the adrenalin I had when I was in my cadet years way back in highschool seemed to have resurrected the moment I got to experience my very first assist. For some reasons, there was a nostalgic feeling

We had a conference in the afternoon which was about appendectomy: to invaginate or not to invaginate; in conclusion, the study had shown no significant difference in the post-op complications of both procedures provided: inclusion is uncomplicated appendicitis, exclusion of the complicated appendicitis. Recommendations were then discussed in the room surrounded by surgeons. Afterwhich, we then went back to our post and carried on until 4PM. 

All in all, this day was full of new experiences and realizations. It was a tiring but fruitful day, indeed. I know I still have a lot to learn in the real hospital setting sooner or later. Still have 357 days left of my clerkship and be able to experience the ins and outs of my rotation per department after all! 

And to top it all, I was totally smitten to receive a cute gesture from beau after my assist. Wasn't able to eat on time since the day was full; but the moment I got back on my post, I received a ham&cheese sandwich that I usually buy in the cafeteria for lunch! Hehe. It was a cute gesture from him that I truly appreciate!♥ *kilig*

Definitely one for the books!

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  1. I feel like you enjoyed your first surgery assist. I'm really attracted to people in the medical field, especially when they talk medical in front of me. Ang genius genius nyo sa mga mata ko. Char!

    I hope you enjoy more of your surgery assists.

    And btw, that is really sweet of your beau. <3