A Day in the Life: End of Surgery Rotation as a Clerk

Definitely enjoyed surgery so much and learned a LOT from both inside and outside rotations around the OPD, ICU, Ward, SICU, ER, ward and OR posts. I never thought I could do so much for a short span of time in the ER with nonstop waves of cases coming in! From burns, lacerations, gunshot wounds, fractures, animal bites, mauling, fall, VA's, to ICH, and a lot more of general surgery cases codes/carts! One of my most memorable procedures would be an explore-lap of intussusception.

Last duty syndrome in every subrotation was also not missed; I guess those were the most memorable moments I had for my rotation. Also met a lot of people from different institutions, was inspired by a lot of surgeons, reunited with old time friends, and even explored the city for good food!

To end my last duty as a surgery clerk, I present to you the ~25x30cm Phyllodes tumor made of gelatinous, solid, and cystic masses encapsulated by a fibrous capsule that I held along an ongoing mastectomy procedure - my finale general surgery assist as a clinical clerk! Until next time, Surgery!

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