Memoirs of the National Museum

Appreciating art for free is one of the million reasons why I love visiting places. Appreciation brings about a wonderful feeling that results in me getting inspired throughout the day. Hence, I created a new post to share and radiate the happiness and hope I feel whenever I see and feel art.

There are two buildings that people can visit which are a pedestrian crossing away from one another... The first building contains art pieces of various artists.

Finding meaning in every stroke



Icons. This one is Nicanor Reyes of FEU.

Unfinished biz/art

Rosaceae and all things Bio

Paintbrush as an art

One of my fav pieces! I believe this one is orginally entitled 'Superstition' 

Frames that shout out feelings

The second building contains cultural pieces from different regions of the Philippines.

Different species of Oryza around the Philippines, rice as the mainstay food of Filipinos.

Baybayin beautifully engraved on the see-through medium

Language origins

Beliefs and customs

And more of the beauty and rich history of the Philippines

There's this therapeutic dose I really get from pleasant sights, may that be a piece of painting, a sculpture, pictures relaxing to the eyes, nature in general from blue skies to green views... Those simple things that bring about tranquility and peace of mind; peace of mind that then turn into happiness. Yes, that basically sums up my love for art.

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  1. It's good news National Museum is now free for everyone. I once visited the place this year and I was enticed with the Philippine history and art. It's like all the history and arts books I read in school plus more.