Starting 2018 with a Journal

I've been a busy bee for th past months that I've not given much time on my growth for other things. For instance, journal writing and the mere expression of self on paper. This year, I'm ecstatic to use this gift I have received from my cousin who happened to have a spare journal from Starbucks Philippines.

It's an earthy brown color. Whenever I see or hold this, I feel like I'm gearing towards a new world. That feeling of settling down from the fast-paced world and just be me for a moment, alone, with my planner. ♥

Personal information... just in case it gets lost.

 I like the feel of the planner paper!! It's smooth, easy to write on. This part would be displaying my monthly schedule in the hospital. Things to do panel would include anything that I want to achieve for the month-long journey. More space inside for every date is alloted for my daily life thoughts and jotting down of feels and drawings. More of a diary, I guess.

 The planner also comes with it a stencil which is so cute and dandy! Plus a new Starbucks special edition card!

Grateful to have this to start a new slate this 2018! How about you? Have you gotten yourself a planner? Are you that planner kind of person or not? Do share your thoughts below. Until then!


  1. I have the exact same agenda! My boyf gave it to me last month and yet I have not written a single word on it. I am lazy when it comes to Journal writing (especially those with dated pages) since I dont write on a regular basis. I truly admire those who can do so religiously!

  2. Ive stated a gratitude journel. Im not good at writing everyday but it does make me think of things to be grateful for! Journeling is so great for teh soul!