Get That Glowing Skin: My Skin Care by Skinpotions

Get That Glowing Skin: My Skin Care by Skinpotions

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It’s Tuesday, and it’s #TrendsTuesdays by AnythingRad! This is a new segment in this blog where we talk about the latest trends in the city! For the past months, I have been hearing countless five-star reviews for this brand which apparently is proudly Filipino-made! So, I hurriedly checked their social media pages one day, on the wee hours of the morning as I remember, and took notes myself. 
What made me really curious about this brand is its claims of using organic, natural-based products that bring out only the best for your skin. Through the years, they have expanded from stalls in bazaars and eventually to nationwide and international distribution.

I ordered three Skinpotions products online and had it delivered to my home via cash on delivery (COD) basis. Being new to this COD and online shopping made me ask myself if this would be worth it… it was around 2AM at the time (Yes, I can fully remember those times because those were the days when I was studying for the boards. Haha) Realizing convenience, I just went for it and ordered my very first Skinpotions package! ♥
I initially bought the Skinpotions’ Tomato Serum, the well-endorsed Snowberry sleeping cream mask, and the Dream Cream in Scarlett (to be featured on another post). The last product to be reviewed in this entry would be the Skinpotions potion balm which I bought personally at their new location at SM North Edsa, Main Building (previously located at SM Annex)
Skinpotions Tomato Serum

It’s claim to fame: the serum is said to be formulated to make skin healthier and glowing! Packed with large amount of lycopene proven to make pores appear smaller and give your skin a pinkish glow.
Directions for use: May be used day and night. Apply ample amount on face and spread evenly; leave it overnight or whole day
Ingredients (based on product packagaing): Aqua, carbopol, propylene glycol, tomato extract, witch hazel extract, collagen,aloe vera, vitamin C, whitenol, triethanolamine phenoxyethanol, fragrance 
Verdict: I have used this for one month, and so far so good. Packaging is very cute. It comes in a 30ml bottle with a pump. Clean way of getting just the right amount of product! I didn’t get any break out or awful skin reactions upon testing for about 4 weeks. It’s formula is nonsticky after it dries naturally onto skin. It does make my skin appear better! Face felt smoother and looked better with a slight glow as well, but not really in a pinkish tone. Nevertheless, it did give my face a fresher look! 
Rating: 5/5

Skinpotions Snowberry Sleeping Cream Mask

It’s claim to fame: This cream mask is a multi-benefit cream used to brighten hyperpigmentation, dries up pimples, lightens pimple marks and dark areas and evens out skin tone 
Directions for use: Spread generous amount on your face. Massage until absorbed. Leave overnight
Ingredients (based on product packagaing): Papaya extract, bearberry extract, licorice extract, snail filtrate, whitenol extract, acerola cherry, rice bran oil, titanium dioxide, essential oils, phenoxyethanol, parfum
Verdict: Packaging is so clean and cute; just makes you want to use it over and over again! Packaged in 50g per container.  It has a berry scent and is soothing to the senses.  Using it for a couple of days 3-6 hours before I sleep gave me a sensation of dry eyes despite avoiding contact to eyes… so I just made it sure that when I use this I’m all set to go to bed, ready to close my eyes and get some good night sleep. 
No breakouts! And most of all, it ultimately brightened my skin in general! Although, the dark spots on my cheeks (prolly due to sun exposure) is still there, it slightly lightened up… so I guess effect would depend on the amount of time you use the product and the extent of hyperpigmentation you have as baseline. Upon opening, this product would be best used for the next 24 months (as indicated at the bottom of the container) Aside from the slight drying eye effect to me, this cream is the perfect face mask!

Skinpotions Potion Balm

It’s claim to fame: a multi-benefit ‘magic’ balm for your skin woes
Directions for use: Apply on affected area as often as needed or during night time . 
Ingredients (based on product packagaing): Beeswax, roseship oil, candelilia wax, aloe vera, shea butter, coconut oil, phenoxyethanol, parfum

Verdict: The effect of the product can be very distinct as early as 3 days of use in my case. It is best to have a step by step skin care regimen to effectively bring out the best for each product you use. The proper step-by-step process would maximize the effectivity of the product and its infilitrative capacity to seep in through your skin. As indicated at the bottom of the 40g container of this balm, use your preferred soap, then toner, then chosen oil, then serum, then your chosen cream, and lastly your Skinpotions potion balm. Although I haven’t tried this onto my face, I have used it directly on my chapped lips. It really has a strong scent and taste that is kind of nauseating at first, so I make sure that I only dab a little onto my lips and it works perfectly! I have used this as well as to my knees ,ankles and elbows, and it perfectly moisturizes these areas! Balm worthy of being called a magic potion balm! A little bit pricey for a 40g container, but it definitely works wonders. 
So there you have it! This was my very first transaction online, and it definitely was worth the try! Convenience at its finest, you may want to check out Skinpotions products and other skin care products available online! Just click here and have a happy shopping experience!
What’s your favorite skin care regimen/products?
Do let me know through the comments! 

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. All statements are based on personal experience with the particular products. The same product may work differently for every person; some may work for you that may not for me and vice versa.
Skin type: Normal

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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  1. Being a beauty blogger, I do test different beauty and skin care products but I haven’t tried anything from this brand yet! Tomato serum seems interesting, will give this a try soon!

  2. I haven't heard of this before but it seems like a great product! My skin gets desperate during the colder months so I am always up to trying different moisturizers and seeing which one has the best effect. I'll definitely be looking into this one, thanks for sharing!

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