Limited Edition Dairy Queen Blizzards This Holiday Season

Limited Edition Dairy Queen Blizzards This Holiday Season

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Img from Dairy Queen Philippines
I just discovered these new flavors at Dairy Queen! It is actually a limited edition perfect for the holidays and it’s no other than flavors with a twist of Hershey’s Kisses with Almonds Blizzard! If I have to bet on the bang for the buck ice cream, I would definitely choose Dairy Queen Blizzards. Why? Well one, they are deliciously creamy; and two, they are worth the price you pay. 
So, this Holiday Edition comes in three different Dairy Queen flavors namely: Mango Cookie, Double Cocoa, and Cookie Buttercrisp. We had to try this one out, so we tried the first two flavors that caught our attention — the cookie buttercrisp and double cocoa.  
And without a doubt… WE. WERE. NOT. DISAPPOINTED. I just love how the cookie buttercrisp gave a new set of dimension for my tastebuds to work on! It’s like an acquired taste of some sort, and it’s perfect for celebrations! The double cocoa, on the other hand, was just quite normal for my taste. Maybe I have to try the Mango Cookie next! I know I might have been late about this limited edition, since it was introduced a few months ago, but the latebloomer just can’t help but share this anyway. 
Double Cocoa and Cookie Buttercrisp DQ Flavors
For years, I would only opt for either their Oreo or Kitkat flavors. I just wish that, if possible, they would make this edition stay longer beyond the holidays! Haha, especially the Cookie Buttercrisp DQ flavor, my fave! It would be awesome if they make it a staple in their menu even more! *wishful thinking*
What’s trending on your craving list?
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Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. Just sharing the love for food and the holidays. Hohoho!

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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12 thoughts on “Limited Edition Dairy Queen Blizzards This Holiday Season

  1. I love ice cream. It is one of my diet downfalls. I'll have to sample all the new blizzards this holiday season since they are for a limited time. What a great excuse to visit Dairy Queen!

  2. Yum!!! I would have never thought to go to DQ this holiday season (I live in Wisconsin where it's regularly 14-degrees outside, so ice cream isn't on the list most of the time). I'll have to check them out! That Mango Cookie sounds interesting!

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