Bacteria Characterization

Bacteria Characterization

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Holla Minna~ I had a pleasant morning in school today. :] I guess the momentum of happiness from The Diva Bloggers after our lil chat on Facebook last night led me to a state of nirvana lols. ~Shout Out to Rhea, Angela, Kai, Donna and Mary!^-^~ So just awhile ago, we started our experiment in Bacteria Identification. We were tasked to identify our unknown bacteria per group through a series of tests that will determine morphological and physioligcal characteristics of our unknown. These were three of the tests we’ve done so far — Top (L-R): Gram stainin; Anthony’s Method; Bottom: Catalase Test.nn

I was fortunate enough to execute both Gram staining and Anthony’s method ~ YAY~~

Gram staining

determines if the bacteria is classified under gram-positive (blue color) or gram-negative (red)

Since it resulted in a blue coloration, then it’s considered as a gram-positive bacteria . So from that, we have already isolated our unknown from the rest of the trillions of bacteria out there by knowing that it’s under the gram-positive classification. 😀 The second staining test I got to do was..

Anthony’s Method

which determines if the bacteria has a bacterial capsule or not. After the test, we observed the slide under a compound microscope using an OIO objective. It’s not clearly seen in the picture but once you zoom it, you will see that the outer covering of the bacteria is light purple which indicates that this bacteria is positive for bacterial capsule. Cells within the capsule is colored blue. 😀 So there! ^-^ The test at the bottom is called Catalase Test which is used to know if the bacteria requires oxygen for growth. Positive result will lead to bubble formation. This was done by my blockmate, Migi. So yea… it was positive too! See the 2 circles? LOL. So can you find the “Hidden Mickey”? LMAO

If you think your friends would like this too, I'd love you to share it! Thanks!♥
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